Kevin Bass, MD in training, I guess Tucker forgot to ask him how he squares the blood on his hands for the thousands who died due to lockdowns Bass supported, his support for the fraud vaccine

by Paul Alexander

his denial of early treatment, I guess so, just for ratings, so Kevin wanted to benefit on the upside when lockdowns and vaxx was 'cool', now wants to benefit & capitalize on the downside too

This Bass guy is just so full of shit, oozing with fraud shit. Spineless and shame on Tucker Carlson giving him time of day but it’s Tucker’s show. But shame on him. He stumbled here.

This fraud Bass compares himself to Aseem Malhotra, to Sasha Latypova, to Meryl Nass? This Bass guy is delusional to compare himself to these esteemed real warriors and fighters.

The frauds, the grifters, benefitted on the upside joining in on the lockdown lunacy and being incentivized and making money, now wanting to benefit on the downside too. Filth.

Paul said what? As you grab your fish nets and pearls and get the vapors, yes Paul said that. You see, Paul has what we call a spine, a backbone, and man balls! Paul does not wear a pussy hat and does not seek kudos and ‘likes’. He could not give a damn! He follows truth always. The data.

This is the ultimate grifter, ultimate, grifting off of fame, this Bass guy, was never interested in the harms and pain and suffering from the lockdown lunacy and the vaccines, now stealing air time after having blood on his hands, his and his buddies, his doctor buddies and academic scientists, for as you see, Kev was all too happy and joined in, and he wrote this, when Atlas, Kulldorff, Breggin, me, Jeff Tucker, McCullough, Ladapo, Wolf, Risch and us freedom fighters, us contrarians, us skeptics, all of us, were scorned and smeared and cancelled, income taken etc., hell, he partook, Kev enjoyed that, for he was weak, and as he knew it, for near 3 years he felt BIG, that he was on the ‘right side of things, he was in ‘polite’ society’, we on the other hand were the deplorables, the anti-vaxxers, the unwashed, we were to be removed from society and even imprisoned, folk like him said; the likes of him and Wen and Offit etc.

No one is asking this grifter the right questions and he is being allowed to shape his narrative based on la la dreamland land **cough cough like some we know cough cough **

Simple questions:

i)the truckers understood the science ahead of you? a 7 year medical student? they understood virology and immunology? You are now onto it?

ii)did it not concern you about the suicides and harms nationally due to the lockdowns and school closures? on little children even? why?

iii)for 3 years across the fraud pandemic you supported lockdowns and school closures and denial of early treatment and masking and the fraud vaccine. Should you not now drop put of medical schools for you clearly have learnt nothing. Could you read science or data, or do you even understand it? do you ‘get’ it? or were you just academically sloppy and intellectually lazy? was it cognitive dissonance? what? In fact, close that medical school.

yet now, as the shit is about to hit the fan, he becomes the master orator, he knows what is best, show to show, and the pusillanimous media people fall for it…we should listen to this fraud, this Johnny come lately, he has the right answers. He who has blood on his hands, we need to hear him out. For it took him 7 long years to understand basic science, a medical student, he now gets immunology and virology, he now understands the lockdowns failed and now that he grasps it, we should say ‘hell yeah, Kev is on the game now, we are now saved’! Now that he figured it out, after all the lives were lost, we should say thank God, thank him, and hug him! In your dreams Kev.


This guy is Oster on roids!

Kev never cared, he said that, he was part of the problem, he helped and supported and emboldened good people being pummeled into submission and all the lunatic specious policies that is how I read his opinion piece, not out of admiration, out of disgust for the hubris and arrogance this guy has; to assume he is relevant. Just like that, when it is no longer favorable.

he said that too and now he has ‘come out’ and I know why, for he has heard we want hearings and accountability and it may well include the likes of him; when the US truckers and Canadian truckers knew day one the vaccine mandate was moot and absurd and punitive, Kev was all for it as they lost earnings and starved and he stuffed his grinning face, while Suzie lost her job and then hung herself, when little Ben at 8 was found by his parents in his bedroom hung due to school closures, Kev gloated, he was ‘on the right side' with Karen, Kev gloated and stuffed his grinning face, and now that it is collapsing, the narrative is collapsing, he is running to the hills, saying ‘oh, can’t we all get along, oh, we made mistakes'…I say shove it Kev, and I am surprised Tucker gave you, you grifter and grafter in chief, time of day. Lost some points from me. But I, on the front line, folk like us, daily, 3 years now, you reading this, screaming and protesting and crying and losing family to the likes of Kevin’s supported policies, we are not important. Kev, the Johnny come lately, is. Money. This is the sickness of even this movement and the media, it’s only about money and they give the wrong people air time and create a hero from a grifter who helped cause the pain and loss for 3 years. I just do not get it. But don’t you worry you head Kev, you will even get people on the Freedom side pimping off you, to give you air time and fame, pusillanimous people, weak people, who grab at shiny things, spineless people, for money, that’s all, all about the money. Pimpers all around. So at least you will not be lonely.