Kevin Bass, MD/PhD seeks AMNESTY & whispers that he/they violated us & we must have accepted it & now we have to forgive them; you are studying 7 years yet the TRUCKER knew the mandates had no basis

by Paul Alexander

You did not understand Kevin, it cannot be simply 'we are sorry', NO, for when Suzie was laid off due to the business closure you supported, you said you did, she then killed herself; do you get it?

Would you ‘we are sorry’ stint, help Suzie and her family? Or Johnny who hung himself due to the lockdowns and the depression and anxiety caused by it? It took you 7 years to understand that the vaccine mandates had no basis yet truckers knew it instantly. How is that? Consider dropping out of that medical school for it is either it is a fraud garbage school or your are dumb and cannot read the data or do not understand or ‘get’ the science. Thanks for coming over but too late my brother. You are welcomed to stay but that’s all you get form someone like me. I can smell it a mile away.

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Kevin Bass, MD, PhD student: If Kevin Bass, medical 'doctor in waiting', thinks this is a mea culpa, that this is another version of AMNESTY by Emily Oster, take this & shove it! Props for this BUT
No Deal! You have blood on your hands Kevin, all over you! You are now running to the hills with Paul Offit and Leana Wen. No way you will do that. See the words of one of my colleagues in a research group: ‘Absolutely NO AMNESTY Every chance we get we hold these demons accountable for what they have done to humanity…
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