Kevin Bass, MD, PhD student: If Kevin Bass, medical 'doctor in waiting', thinks this is a mea culpa, that this is another version of AMNESTY by Emily Oster, take this & shove it! Props for this BUT

by Paul Alexander

we want justice & accountability and where we can get it, deep jail time for all who did wrong including your colleague doctors, all & we want death penalty on the table if courts & judges rule such

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BOOM! 'It's Time for the Scientific Community to Admit We Were Wrong About COVID and It Cost Lives' by KEVIN BASS, MD/PHD STUDENT, MEDICAL SCHOOL (NEWSWEEK) ‘As a medical student and researcher, I staunchly supported the efforts of the public health authorities when it came to COVID-19. I believed that the authorities responded to the largest public health crisis of our lives with compassion, …
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No Deal!

You have blood on your hands Kevin, all over you! You are now running to the hills with Paul Offit and Leana Wen. No way you will do that.

See the words of one of my colleagues in a research group:

‘Absolutely NO AMNESTY 

Every chance we get we hold these demons accountable for what they have done to humanity. 

Think about the punishment these thugs put the Vax free / medical freedom community through. 

I’m hearing words of empathy from time to time from some esteemed MDs in these conversations. I suppose that is in line with the Hippocratic oath.

My oath to support and defend the US constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic has no expiration date. 

We have these monsters on the ground. Sabers at their throats.’ 

I agree. You Kevin write nicely but your actions with your colleagues killed people. You were never in the dark about the science especially as a person studying medicine for 7 years. You are IMO writing slyly seeking amnesty which you cannot have. You like Oster, float a trial balloon to gauge our response yet you have not properly taken the temperature of the room. IMO you are even now trying ‘misdirection’ and let me sum it up nicely via this Travolta SWORDFISH scene:

Misdirection will not work this time Kevin. There is just too must death scattered across America and the world, courtesy to you doctors. You doctors and similar have us where we are today, a broken society. You sold us out like $2 whores to the highest bidder. You failed to protect the population. You ran after money and fame. Now you are crying running to the hills. You Kevin and your ilk denigrated us dissenters, you demeaned the population who asked questions and simply wanted to exercise their right to natural immunity and to ask questions, and you scornfully decimated and subjugated us even under threats of law. You Kevin helped violate our liberties and our freedoms, our rights. Yet before now, you had no problem doing it!

Your NEWSWEEK Opinion as I have given it thought, means nothing to me. You knew there was never informed consent yet you went along as people were punished just asking about informed consent. 7 years of medical education but it took the trucker to school people like you. Too much blood is on your hands. You start there, with the children and adults and employees and all those who lost lives due to your COVID lockdown lunatic polices and statements and positions. Start there.

You were part of the system Kevin and you admitted it, of totalitarianism that functioned to violate every single tenant of Western Democracy and just ran roughshod over all individual and societal human rights. You doctors emboldened millions of people to function as your brown and red shirts, your own Stasi to harass and bully and demonize people who simply wanted to exercise their own choice. Your brown and red shirts came after and demonized dissenting voices and when they were in full flight, you Kevin, did not care. You, by your own estimations, by your ‘going along’ and partaking, benefitted. You did for a while but now you see the writing on the wall. The general public is awakening and they will turn to your side for answers.

So do we simple say ‘ok, they really meant well, so let’s forget about the deaths etc.’? I say NO!

You doctors denied early treatment that cost tens of thousands of lives and helped governments mandate and push a fraud ineffective dangerous gene injection platform that was never tested for safety. And now you say ‘sorry’? You really were trying to help and sorry, things just did not work out the way you planned.


You did not care when you were in glee and full flight. We have nothing to discuss until we get justice via courts. You did wrong for too long and people want accountability first. They need to see it before we talk nice. People on your side were demonic and devastating and did it with scorn and malice on us, on the unvaccinated. Calling for even imprisonment. Some on your side even called for them to be removed from society. What? When our children committed suicide? No my man, your side must pay for the lives your side took, in the courts. We will use the courts for our justice. And the ballot box, but justice we will get.

Now you want us to play nice?

This is a cry by you (for Emily Oster types) for AMNESTY written all over it and no deal my brother! Even if well-intentioned. No deal!

We settle things first with accountability and we make people ‘whole’ again and then we talk nice.

Great start Kevin and love you my brother and you waxed nicely and touched on some nice words that surely will resonate with the fluffy type, but too late, too much has happened and most of it deliberate and insanely malfeasant. For your side had all of the science and data all along and refused to follow it and were academically sloppy and intellectually lazy and pure conflicted and malfeasant and inept, fraught with cognitive dissonance, and you cannot tell me you all were wrong; your problem on your side is the money, you were incentivized in various ways, and doctors thought ‘hey, it’s my job or that of my patient and I don’t give a phuck about my patients, if I don’t give them the medical exemption or early treatment, they lose their job and go onto the bread line and who cares, I get to keep my job for the State Board of Colleges won’t come after me and no, I won’t give early treatment and lose my salary and grants and hospital job etc., hell no, who cares if treatment works, it’s me or them and I chose ‘me’”…

Your side, your doctor colleagues, the media working with your side, complicit in causing deaths, were totalitarian in their actions, dictatorial, all ‘Harari’ like, and made all debate or dissenting voices like mines, like Atlas, like McCullough, like Wolf, Like Risch, like Ladapo, like Vliet, like Kulldorff, like Dara, like Tenenbaum, like Gessling, like Manookian, like Hodkinson, like Bridle, like Lindsay, like Marik, like Ladapo, like Hoffe, like Prasad, like Kory, like Atlas, like Lerman, like Amerling, like Bhattacharya, like Jeff Tucker, like Payne, like Brinkley, like Shoemaker, like Kirsch, like Kulvinder Gill, made us into enemies and made it into near hate crimes to even give an alternative view. You smeared any of us trying to talk about alternative views on the data and science. You labelled us conspiracy theorists. Why? Because we threatened you with out critical thinking and unpacking of the core issues. You burned our lives down when all we were doing was giving and sharing a life saving alternative view? You even attacked and smeared sitting Senators like Senator Ron Johnson, someone who has shown the determination to save lives and get truth.

Knowing that we were grounded in actual science, yet your side could not debate us on the data and science as had none to offer and were intellectually sloppy and lazy enough to do the work, so they made us the enemy and called on governments under threat of law, to even harm us, smear us, burn our lives down. Your side and its ‘wokeness’ madness worked to crush and destroy good people and so how do you make us whole again? How could it be simply ‘we were wrong’?

Your side subverted us as contrarians and skeptics all the way and damaged and denied our right to free expression and get this, get this Kevin, our side was only giving information to save lives. Your side worked to demonize us as even racists and bearers of “hate speech”, making us into the enemy of the people when we were always seeking to save lives. We understood that all the science was showing that the lockdowns killed and that the fraud gene injection was a failure out of the gate and would be catastrophic. As it has shown. Yet you would not listen and you Kevin, were part of the problem. Your side said we were purveyors of ‘hate’ speech. How?

You, your side, up until you could not longer get away with it, forgot that we had same rights as your side and you, and that we were equal. Just consider the lunacy day in and out from the mouths of the likes of Wen, Hotez, Jha, CNN’s Sanjay Gupta etc.? Their statements guided people to make harmful decisions that devastated them and costed lives. Using their soap box in an authority manner for yes, they had credentials and people were misled. How are you Kevin going to remedy that? Even shills like FOX’s Siegal and Cavuto on the other side. Their statements and podium frolics costed lives. Were they that misinformed or stupid? I do not think so, it was ‘my job or that of the viewer’ and it will be ‘my job’. They acted worst than when in the days of Lenin, Stalin, and Leon Trotsky, with the likes of Lavrentiy Beria (secret police chief). Beria would blush if he were alive to see what modern media has done to us. And you Kevin, were part of that to unleash hell onto us.

You conspired with big Tech TWITTER, Facebook, Youtube etc. to harm us and shut us down and now you want out? The actions by your side with the governments, with big Tech, with the media, would have made Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (Gulag Archipelago) blush. What your side did is not simply ‘we made mistakes and we were wrong’, no, it was monstrous and catastrophic and changed the nation, societies, and the world forever. What you did with the lockdown lunacy, business closures, the isolation and sedation of our parents in hospitals with midazolam and diamorphine and toxic deadly drugs, the deadly intubation and ventilation, the devastating aloneness and confinement with no family or friends to see them, cold, alone, and terrible COVID treatment in the hospitals, school closures, and denial of effective, cheap, safe, available early treatment, the lies about asymptomatic transmission, using the fraud over-cycled, the use of the fraud overly sensitive RT-PCR process, the lies about inferior natural immunity, and the fraud deadly ineffective non-sterilizing gene injection (mRNA and DNA platforms) is already the greatest public health and I might say, greatest disasters in global history. None can compare!

Every single thing, every word, every COVID policy was flat wrong. And you were part of it. Were you that removed from the data and science? Did you not understand the data and science? Could you not read it? We gave it to you daily for 3 years. You said you are a MD and PhD in training. Then you just disregarded the science? We need to understand.

We are dealing with an injection platform that evidence shows can incorporate the instilled mRNA back into our core DNA (reverse transcribe) and this can potentially alter us forever. We have no idea for they did not study it in the clinical trials to assess. Those who developed this mRNA technique etc. played God. They have unleashed hell unto us, a monster, a Frankenstein monster. With poison pills. And you wish to say ‘we are sorry’?

And you want to simply ‘mea culpa’? With some smooth words. Come on Kevin, do much better than that. The harms are too vast and too deep. We need real accountability. We need to be made ‘whole’ again.

Medical doctors made money off of COVID and decided it is para ‘my salary or that of the patient and if the Board says no early treatment and no exemption letter and I must help enforce the vaccine fraud, then I will.’ Your side forgot the ‘First, do no harm’, part of the deal.

Doctors knew what they were doing was wrong, many of them. But they continued for their own personal reasons completely disregarding the lives of their patients. This goes against the oaths they swore to. So why should they not be held accountable now?

That’s the problem Kevin, and we know it and you know we know it and so my brother, come again. Try again. We be listening.

And nice try listing out researchers and doctors like Bhattacharya et al. in accolades so they will give you a shout out and not write about your meek mea culpa and effort at Emily Osterization…I see you, I see how you do it and no, it will not fly.

It cannot be as simple as ‘we were wrong’. It cannot. People must be held accountable. If lost lives are traced to a doctor, that doctor must face harsh penalties.

No, you knew you were wrong long ago. Your side have gone on power drunk and malfeasant way too long.

Start with we will give back every penny we made, in all ways we profited, every salary for every fraud CNN and NBC etc. fraud statement by your talking head fraudulent ‘television medical doctors’ who conspired to mislead and deceive the population into the fraud gene injections, down to Suzie’s summer vacations and the new homes we bought with COVID money and kickbacks from COVID money contracts etc. I mean we need to reverse it all. Start there. We will get to the lives your side took.

No amnesty and yes, we really this time want doctors and all those who caused loss of life, all, no matter who, all CDC, NIH, FDA officials, all government officials, all pharma CEOs, all, to face justice and accountability in a real court and it be done right and fair. And we let tribunals and juries of our peers decide, and we want on the table and based on their decisions only, we act only based on them, but we want on the table financial penalties, deep prison time, and up to the death penalty, if a court and judges rule this.

Thanks Kevin. I enjoyed the NEWSWEEK opinion letter by you and wish you success and hope that you are not 1% alike any of your colleagues in medical school and those who practice now. Or the typical ‘head up their ass only worried about their grant money’ sellouts in academia’. IMO, these are the real malfeasants of society. We were sold a lie for a century, these are no different than the common thief, yet while he steals to eat a food, your side steals to take lives to keep their jobs, lifestyles, and incomes. And they do not blink once to do it. ssssshhhh, but do not tell anyone about that, it’s our little secret Kevin.