Kevin Bass (MD), please go and do your homework, you are 3 years too late, seeking amnesty you won't get, and you have no clue what the hell junk you are saying; show us the data, show us the evidence

by Paul Alexander

show us something that these shots do stop transmission for 3 months; me thinks you tried to bait me and you did; stop talking junk, there is no, zero evidence this shot ever stopped transmission

You came 3 years after we have been waging war and you were part of the problem; you talk as if you have something to teach us when you were part of the horrors and deaths; so go back, think how you will ask forgiveness for the harms you caused with your lockdown lunacy and vaccine madness and try again, but this time, be a bit humble for it is one thing to be obnoxious and ‘out of order’, it is another to have no clue what you are saying. Every single thing you talk about has already been dealt with; We welcome you in the fight, anyone who joins, early, late, whatever, please help, but don’t think that MD title (in training or not) gives you a leg up, it actually should be hidden, it is the MDs who have us in the shit we are in. It is the MDs who helped cost lives. So sssshhhhhhh. Learn some humility. Start there and do not think we do not know you caused much harm.