Kevin McCarthy Speaker of the House has finally unstapled his left nut from his leg and his right nut is now unglued from his desk, thank God, he DID remove Omar from Foreign Affairs; big praise Kev!

by Paul Alexander

No one as America hating should be in congress! I will still sleep with one eye open when it comes to folk like you Kev; very dangerous for this woman to be on any such committee

Finally Kevin was able to get his right nut unglued from his desk. Thank God.

America is not Hamas and these people like Omar, Cortez, Tlaib etc. are America hating, flag hating, constitution hating and must be barred from any information that could place America at risk. And while at it, Kevin must launch and investigation on Swalwell to find out for the sex, for the Chinese sex spy, what secrets of America did he give Fang Fang. For he sure did.

If Tlaib is crying because Omar is kicked out, means Kevin did the right thing and I love it! Bull shit about white supremacy. You cannot have a person on these sensitive committees who hates America and despises Israel and other allies and Kevin, please set up an investigation about her marriage to her brother please. We need to know if she did that for immigration purposes and if it is shown, take away his papers and deport him.

Show us those nuts Kevin! You showed some leg, but we want to see real cojones.