Key document: FDA's Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee report June 14-15, 2022; this report raises serious questions of malfeasance and pure ineptness by these malfeasants

by Paul Alexander

This report tells you the corruption of CDC & FDA & NIH as they move to vaccinate our children who bring zero risk to the table; children do not get infected readily or get severely ill/die from COVID


Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee June 14-15, 2022 Meeting Presentation

Here are the key questions we need to ask (consider) based on this FDA report to be used to authorize these vaccines in kids:

1) Page 11, second the last para, it states

“As of 02 Jun 2022, confirmed COVID-19 mortality has surpassed 1 million deaths in the US with 1,086 deaths in children 0–17 years of age (Table 1). As of 17 May 2022 there have been more than 84 million COVID-19 cases in the US with 10.7 million cases reported in children 0 to 17 years (CDC).”

That means 1086 deaths/10,700,000 children 0-17 = 0.00010149532 as the risk of death

What risk then Mr. FDA? Where is the emergency or urgency? 0.00010149…where is the risk? You Bourla, Fauci, Francis Collins, Walensky, Bancel etc. would subject our near zero risk children to an inoculation that skews only to harms for them? That confers no benefit. For what? What are you getting for you must be getting gains from this for it is illogical, irrational, specious, absurd, unscientific and makes absolutely no sese. There is no sound justification for this and you have not made any case. Get to eff away from our children with these fake fraud injections.

2)This report notes that the RT-PCR test is being used to denote an infection/case etc. Is this not the same PCR test discontinued for it is a fraud and flawed and over-cycled test as anything above a cycle count of 24 is detecting viral dust and fragments. These are likely false positives. 97% of positive infections in 2020 and 2021 were false positives. Yes, it was all a lie, the PCR test was used to perpetuate the huge fraud of COVID. We need to know how the infections are being detected and also, what is the cycle count threshold being used to denote positive for anything beyond 25 to 25 means non-infectious, non-cultural virus, non-pathological.

3)Page 14, this paragraph is problematic as these malfeasants use antibody levels, reactogenicity as the outcome and not patient-important outcomes such as death or hospitalization etc., knowing antibody levels are not a proxy of immune response:

“In both studies, the primary safety objective was to evaluate the safety and reactogenicity of mRNA-1273 administered as 2 doses given 28 days apart. Vaccine effectiveness was successfully inferred by meeting the primary immunogenicity objectives, which were consistent with FDA recommendations as outlined at the 10 Jun 2021 VRBPAC meeting. In each age group, immune responses were compared to the immunogenicity subset of vaccine recipients 18–25 years of age from Study 301 where efficacy of mRNA-1273 against COVID-19 infection was demonstrated. The co-primary immunogenicity objectives included assessments of neutralizing antibody geometric mean titer (GMT) ratio and difference in sero-response rates (SRR) after dose 2 (Day 57). In addition, while the study was not designed with vaccine efficacy (VE) as a primary objective, incidence of COVID-19 was included as a pre-specified secondary objective, based on two different case definitions requiring symptomatology of COVID19 along with a positive reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test.”

4)What does ‘vaccine efficacy’ mean? They use it interchangeably to declare ‘its efficacious’ when measuring antibodies. This is illogical and meant to deceive. This does not show it is efficacious for in your mind, you take it to mean ‘hey it works’, but it does not. Elevated antibodies are not indicative of immunity. Fauci did the same with the remdesivir NIH fraud trial in April 2020. They declared ‘efficacy’ yet it was for ‘time to clinical resolution or recovery’ and not the patient important outcomes such as death etc. that was the prior primary outcomes. They lied to us! They lie to us!

5)We already have the research to show us that these vaccines in children fail and their effectiveness is short lived. It wanes rapidly even into negative efficacy territory! Yet what is the effectiveness? Antibody levels? This is an absurd measure of immunity and effectiveness!

The key statement by researchers was “In the Omicron era, the effectiveness against cases of BNT162b2 declined rapidly for children, particularly those 5-11 years.”

We did not know how this mRNA platform e.g. Pfizer’s BNT162b2 vaccine, would behave in children and this study shows us. It looked at effectiveness kids 5-11 years old Dec 2021 and Jan 2022. Cohort study, observational, New York., kids 5-17.


Dorabawila et al: Effectiveness of the BNT162b2 vaccine among children 5-11 and 12-17 years in New York after the Emergence of the Omicron Variant

Take a look at this graph on page 9 of the pre-print paper. It tells us:

1)Vaccine effectiveness drops for 5-11 and 12-17 years of age steady across time, see base of the graph

2)It tells is that there is negative effectiveness in 5-11 years old of -10% at 35 days and -41% at 42 days.

3)It tells us that effectiveness in 5-11 year olds dropped from 65% to 12% in about 1 month…28 days.

The challenge I have is that healthy children bring near zero, statistical zero risk to the table, do not spread this virus as per data, readily, and do not get severely ill or die. The vaccine brings toxicity just from the vaccine itself but also, serious side effects and even deaths. Harms have accumulated e.g. myocarditis and CVST in children and young persons and this is a very serious decision parent have to make. The question then is why would the CDC and NIH health officials like Francis Collins and Fauci and Walensky push these vaccines in children? When they provide no protection, it is not needed as children come with their potent natural innate immunity that protects them especially against a range of virus and COVID variants. When the vaccine has harms and was not properly safety tested so why are they risking the well-being and health of our children? What is the value added? I see none, zero!

Look at this second study on COVID vaccines in children:


Fleming-Dutra et al.: Association of Prior BNT162b2 COVID-19 Vaccination With Symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Children and Adolescents During Omicron Predominance

This study is part of my op-ed on the studies that show the COVID vaccines fail, are ineffective, and are harmful even (51 studies and pieces of evidence showing the failure of the COVID vaccines)

What does the study say?

‘Question  Does the estimated effectiveness of 2 doses of the BNT162b2 COVID-19 vaccine against symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant infection (based on the odds ratio for the association of prior vaccination and infection) wane rapidly among children and adolescents, as has been observed for adults?

Findings  In a test-negative, case-control study conducted from December 2021 to February 2022 during Omicron variant predominance that included 121 952 tests from sites across the US, estimated vaccine effectiveness against symptomatic infection for children 5 to 11 years of age was 60.1% 2 to 4 weeks after dose 2 and 28.9% during month 2 after dose 2. Among adolescents 12 to 15 years of age, estimated vaccine effectiveness was 59.5% 2 to 4 weeks after dose 2 and 16.6% during month 2; estimated booster dose effectiveness in adolescents 2 to 6.5 weeks after the booster was 71.1%.

Meaning  Among children and adolescents, estimated vaccine effectiveness for 2 doses of BNT162b2 against symptomatic infection decreased rapidly, and among adolescents increased after a booster dose.

There is something very sick and twisted, dangerous and reckless about this move to vaccinate children by these people and these governments when they do not need this vaccine and it gives no benefit. We also know that the mRNA vaccine is damaging natural acquired adaptive immunity and innate immunity.’

Why did Azar give the vaccine developers liability protection in Feb 2020 or so and as such, your child has no protection from harms and death from these COVID shots that are untested as to safety?

I am telling parents, this is the hill you defend and ensure under zero condition, do you give your healthy child these vaccines. They do not need them and no one like Fauci and Bourla of Pfizer and Bancel of Moderna have made the case why your child needs this. No one so you tell them NO! If they put liability protection on the table then come talk then, such that we can sue them and strip them of everything our child dies.

They do not need it as at low risk and it causes harms. It is that simple!

No liability = no trust!