KILLING FIELDS due to COVID fraud manufactured virus, intentional leak, fraud pandemic response, all lies, failed lockdowns, fraud ineffective COVID gene injection, harmful vaccine; killed our parents

by Paul Alexander

KILLING Fields and the COVID Taliban, mad insane people empowered by the lunacy of the government officials, the 'Karens' around us and the 'Kens', deranged at times. Acting a lunatic fool for what?

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COVID 'KILLING FIELDS': Did we kill enough people with the COVID gene injection? Would this impact elections going forward? Both the manufactured virus & mRNA vaccine? US census bureau is over target
Dr. Oskoui asked me an important question such that were enough people killed that would disrupt the underlying demographics and thus potentially elections for the future? Not just elections I think he was saying, but our lives in general. I think he has hit on a key question we must not overlook for our lives, society, the future may have been changed …
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Do not forget this, these beasts in our governments killed our vulnerable people, enriched themselves with Remdesivir (kidney and liver toxic), sedation with morphine and midazolam, intubated and ventilated our people and blew holes in their lungs.

The mid-terms terrible results were due to the pain and suffering people still feel due to the failed pandemic response e.g. lockdowns and vaccine and no one, not even POTUS Trump has taken ownership. That is the only way republicans will see power again. Republicans own the pandemic disaster. Imagine, failed border, high gas, inflation, cost of living, crime on streets, a bumbling incoherent declining POTUS and republicans could not win? Women, unmarried women were right to say NO, and vote for democrats, for they fear that more freedoms will be encroached upon. Unmarried women broke for democrats. Why do you think? When people say ‘no, SCOTUS, no one will outlaw abortions, relax, do not fear’, women do not believe that. If I were a woman, I would also not trust and I am pro-life as a man. I understand though their concerns. Very real.

Our liberties and freedoms were decimated in the pandemic response and no one is to believe anyone anymore, until the right people own up to the devastations of COVID. This is a debate about freedoms and how a republican POTUS took it away or allowed it to be taken away by Fauci and Birx. Oh, they hollowed him out just good. They toppled him. He just does not know it. As I said before, July 2020 there was no path to victory, I was there, and the internals said was due to the lockdowns and pain and suffering of school closures and the loss of freedoms. They toppled Trump by taking away freedoms and by extension, hurt the republican party long-term.

They did it with the lockdown lunacy, and Fauci and Birx and Francis Collins ensured republicans will never see power again. Not only toppled Trump, they set the loss up for good. You just do not see it yet!