King Charles co-hosted original ‘Great Reset’ meeting: ‘We have no alternative’ he said; are we being played a 6 for a 9? Is King Charles a 'Reset' Trojan Horse? co-hosted original meeting with Schwab

by Paul Alexander

King Charles III, formerly Prince Charles, has given strongest possible endorsement to radical Great Reset policies, in speaking to mark the launch of the project; separate Queen's death from Charles

LifeSiteNews is warning us, setting the pace, setting the tone for us, I say giving us a clarion shout out! Maybe we should listen?

WEF Chairman Klaus Schwab and King Charles are buddies. What?

The new King is tying pandemics to global warming? What a whole load of Bull! He has no idea, no clue of what the hell he is saying! None of these people. Go read Vostok Ice core samples research ( and come again to discuss global warming with me. I was on Rush Limbaugh discussing this several times with him. Rush loved it, my explanations.


(LifeSiteNews) – Queen Elizabeth II’s son Charles, who ascended the British throne in the wake of her death on Thursday, co-hosted the original meeting for the Great Reset, a totalitarian initiative of the World Economic Forum, with WEF Chairman Klaus Schwab.

In a video released to mark the launch of the Great Reset, then-Prince Charles warned that the Great Reset plan, which includes “green” policies that would suffocate businesses and individual freedoms worldwide, is a matter of urgency.

“We have no alternative, because otherwise, unless we take the action necessary and we build again in a greener and more sustainable and more inclusive way, then we will end up having [more] pandemics and [more] disasters accelerating global warming and climate change,” said Charles, parroting the refrain of the WEF that major global interventions in business practices and consumption habits are needed to avert an “impending disaster.”

Charles proposed that the world “seize” the opportunity presented by the COVID-19 “crisis” — also a clarion call of the WEF — to create “a more circular bioeconomy that gives back to nature as much as we take.”

He noted that this would involve net zero carbon emissions and the use of carbon pricing to achieve this end, a system whereby the “external costs” of greenhouse gas emissions are tied to their sources to a price, usually on the carbon dioxide emitted. These costs can be conceived as accounting for alleged consequences of climate change are far removed from emissions themselves as damage to crops and loss of property from flooding.’