King for King I tell you, the hatred for Trump is so much by the left, if they could have driven a knife into him they would have; will not stop till he is in jail, so they will take their King out

by Paul Alexander

to get at him; will prosecute Biden to then prosecute Trump for the public need more to accept the fraud move on documents, so its King for King; they hate Trump in unreal ways; putrid people & media

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King for King? Is the hatred for Trump that great they the left is prepared to hari kari themselves and take out their king for the other king? not even pawns or bishops, but Kings, King for King!
A second haul of classified documents belonging to President Biden have been located, a new report revealed Wednesday — two days after the White House admitted secret papers were kept at an office the commander-in-chief used after leaving the Obama administration…
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While Trump was POTUS, if these beasts especially in the media and CNN, could have driven a stake into him, into his wife, they would have, the hatred in DC was so real and visible, they used to spit on each other on camera talking about him. These are evil venomous dogs, putrid, fecal, bottom-dwellers, the legacy media. Canada, US, same thing.

Come at me anytime you freaks. Write about me let me write about you, you filthy animals in the media. You do not even shower, I could have smelt stench on you when I interviewed. Filthy.