Kracalik: Did Kracalik et al. find abnormality among 81 (54%) of 151 patients with follow-up cardiac MRI when looking at outcomes at least 90 days since onset of myocarditis after mRNA COVID vaccine?

by Paul Alexander

Yes! This study again highlighted the challenges with the mRNA technology COVID gene injection vaccine especially as to cardiovascular injury


‘Of 249 individuals who completed the quality-of-life portion of the patient survey, four (2%) reported problems with self-care, 13 (5%) with mobility, 49 (20%) with performing usual activities, 74 (30%) with pain, and 114 (46%) with depression.’

‘evidence of myocarditis suggested by the presence of both late gadolinium enhancement and oedema on cardiac MRI’ in 20 [13%] of 151 patients'.