LANCET (Horton) pulled our COVID mRNA technology (Kariko, Weissman et al.) study linking deaths to vaccine (examining secondarily held evidence); it's far worse, we did not even account for HOT lots,

by Paul Alexander

duplicituous deceitful redefinition of hospitilization & deaths by CDC that attributed deaths only AFTER 2 weeks AFTER shot, no ROUTINE autopsy for post vaccine deaths; CDC's VAERS deaths etc.

The medical journal publication arena is now dead, it is a joke, a fraud, bought out by pharma, we need to know how much did Pfizer and Moderna pay LANCET and Horton. If so, were they incentivized? Can someone add to this please if they know more? The journal editors are corrupted and crooked, just like the medical doctors who stood by and watched people die during COVID, refusing to treat, denying antibiotics, sedating people to death, Remdesivir, ventilators that killed them (isolated, malnouriched, dehydrated), as they protected their salaries and job, it was ‘Suzie’s job versus my the doctor’s job’ and no way will Suzie keep hers while my State Board or College canned me. No matter if Suzie eventually hung herself out of a job and depressed. No matter.

These beasts at Pfizer and Moderna, the CDC, NIH, FDA etc. allowed and brought a vaccine that they knew was DOA before it was rolled out and that it would drive natural selective pressure and thus more variants. They knew it was harmful. Did not care. They knew the vaccine was non-sterilizing and non-neutralizing (did not stop infection, replication, or transmission) and would not stop transmission yet brought it. I also fault the inventors of the mRNA technology Malone, Kariko, Weissman and all who worked on that technology, they brought ‘death’ and stood silent until they had to agitate but their silence on key issues like if vaccine, content residing at injection site, reverse transcription, how long it remains in tissue, in the blood, the harms to the developing fetus, to the pregnant woman, DNA plasmids (bacterial role), spike produced 24/7 cellularly, immune exhaustion, immune tolerance (IgG 4 class swithc etc.). The inventors have lots of explaining to do and the Freedom Figher media have failed to question them, they chose to benefit from the fraud and I must say save for reporters like Dr. Naomi Wolf, the rest are IMO frauds, making donor money profits ONLY. Shameful and history will record them as such, I will ensure to that.

Hate me? Please be my guest. I hate you too for the fraud you pulled, you money whore pimps who pimped off of the pain and suffering across COVID.

I was one of the authors of the Hulscher, McCullough paper with Risch and I am honored.

Yes, we examined secondarily held published data (not the actual autopsy data) yet as the science and data matures, and we have access to the pure data, the ‘body of evidence’ does show us that the mRNA COVID vaccine is ‘death’ in syringe form.