LANCET: Is that you LANCET? Finally growing some stones and admitting what was true all along that COVID was manufactured in the lab & deliberately released!!! But not far enough, we need more!

by Paul Alexander

But a good start, praise to SACHS; LANCET still playing on knife's edge like many so called 'freedom fighters'! We need real warriors here, real TRUTH, not half baked, so come LANCET, come some more!

I am only commenting and in support of the aspect of this paper as it relates to lab origin, nothing else. Other than that, LANCET usually writes junk. It is political now and biased.

Sachs I have seen cutting against the grain but I still trust him for now with one eye opened.

If this is a game by LANCET, if a play, then we will punish them scientifically as we have been doing, they have zero credibility. So let us see if they wish to emerge from the dog house.

Praise to Bobby Kennedy Jr. and Jeffrey Sachs. Sachs was on the wrong side a whole of time and for a while but he has been red pilled, somewhere. Some how. I like it! Issue is we welcome him and hope he is not playing us.

A top medical journal at the heart of several pandemic-related controversies published a major COVID-19 Commission report Wednesday that concluded the deadly pathogen might possibly have leaked from a United States laboratory.’


Lancet Report Claiming COVID Could Have Come From U.S. Lab Met With Uproar