Lara Logan, I know her, amazing talent; FOX has fired her/dumped her; why? one of the best there, she says because she said Fauci doesn’t represent science...He represents Josef Mengele

by Paul Alexander

I think FOX made a mistake sidelining her, she is smart, passionate, no party like me, independent but want best for nation, borders, flag, a warrior, I do not think she is a loon, I think exceptional

We spoke several times at the Defeat the Mandates rally LA, and we are to have a discussion shortly, she will interview me but I will try to do the interview of her, what an honor it will be, will be fascinating to allow her to unpack her views today on the issues, COVID and the science and not COVID…alike how I used the chance to interview Kim Iversen…these folk are smarter than the scientists…a hem, NOT the idiots on CNN and the VIEW and the like…and even some on FOX…what a bunch of idiots and morons pretending to be bring the news…

I followed her and appreciated all she said…I learnt lots…the politics of media is vicious and cut throat and upside down…oh, you thought working in media was like playing poly anna and house?

I think she is among the best and will rise better and pass them all…she should tell FOX phuck off!

Lara Logan Says She Was ‘Pushed Out’ at Fox Nation