Lara Logan says she was ‘pushed out’ at Fox News; yes, FOX is CNN & MSNBC etc, no different! Lara compared Fauci to Angel of Death Josef Mengele; I agree, Fauci, Francis Collins, Birx killed thousands

by Paul Alexander

Lara is one of the huge warriors we need, fearless, determined, and yes, attacked and smeared. Support her how you can, when you can, she does more for the US than the elected congress

Yes, the COVID policies of Fauci, Francis Collins, Birx, US COVID Task Force kill tens of thousands of Americans and nations followed and lost thousands too…they denied early treatment and costed lives of thousands, they locked down and closed schools while evidence piled up that the lockdowns were killing business owners and people, with suicides, denied medical care etc. Yet they continued in their power-lust drunk madness, Fauci and Francis Collins and Birx, with their sidekicks Bourla of Pfizer and Bancel of Moderna…I want these bitches all investigated and if shown with proper legal judicial inquiry they caused deaths, then jail them for life!

These named people have the blood of thousands of people on their hands, men, women, children. Lara was correct. Death is death. Make no mistake however, what happened to Jewish people under fascist Germany must never be allowed again. Hitler and his killers must never be forgotten. They suffered Jewish people in unimaginable ways and we punish still all linked to them. Never forget what was done by Germany. But do not forget, America is drifting towards fascism now. Be very careful, we could enter that darkness! Remember history is littered with the blood of millions killed by demonic, power-drunk, socialist communist fascist depraved rulers.



Lara Logan says she was ‘pushed out’ at Fox News

‘Former CBS journalist Lara Logan claims she was “pushed out” at Fox News following controversial comments she made late last year comparing Anthony Fauci to infamous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele.

“No, I was definitely pushed out,” Logan said during an interview with conservative radio host Eric Metaxas. “I mean, there is no doubt about that. They don’t want independent thinkers. They don’t want people who follow the facts regardless of the politics.”'