Lara Logan: "warns that what we are seeing at the border is a sinister globalist plan to create regional government consisting of the U.S., Canada, Mexico, per a source behind closed door UN meeting

by Paul Alexander

“What they’re edging towards…(is) infiltrating 100 million people into United States as the basis for forming regional government instead of a national government. A government of Canada, Mexico, USA

Open-border globalists in Biden administration, prior Trump administration, RINOs, republicans, Democrats etc. They are working against the US to create a regional government. They are moving millions from Mexico and Southern nations so that the US can be remodeled and fall under regional government.

Do you understand the nightmare we face? This is why they were against Trump’s wall and why he should have done everything possible to build that 50 foot high wall 50 feet thick, with no openings, no doors, and positioned military on top the wall to guard it. No one is to come in without a legitimate basis. No one. Ann Coulter told him if you build the real concrete wall you said you were going to build, you would have gotten a third term. Coulter was correct. IMO, Trump lost the election on yes, some fraud voting, yes, many questions but his failure to fire Fauci and Birx and let them run the lockdown lunacy costed him big so much so he does not grasp it and his failure to build the wall. People trusted him on that. Slat metal bars is not the wall. And it was not finished. I am hoping he learnt do not say one thing and do another, despite devils like Paul ‘Benedict Arnold’ Ryan and Mitch ‘sell-out RINO traitor’ McConnell.

Lara Logan