Large airliner with hundreds on board is coming down, sadly & devastatingly, you could see it, maybe 2, pilots flying with silent vaccine-induced myocarditis; Guatemala United Airlines diverted to

by Paul Alexander

Houston due to medical emergencies; United Airlines Flight Diverted - Incapacitated Pilot In Hospital; sssshhhh, everybody, please hold your blankey & go back to sleep; left seat pilot had chest pains

No big thing, nothing to see here, walk along, go back to sleep!

"We diverted to Houston this evening so our team can address an unexpected crew-related matter. We're sorry for any inconvenience, and we'll keep you updated as we get more information."

Word is the pilot was incapacitated with chest pains.

‘A United Airlines flight from Guatemala to Chicago was diverted to Houston’s George Bush International Airport on Saturday evening.

An emergency was declared “for an incapacitated pilot,” stated a Houston UAL internal document given to CDM.Press. 

“UA Flight 2007 GUA-ORD is diverting to IAH. Declaring an emergency for an incapacitated pilot. Gated at E20. Current ETA shows 1747. Unknown if flight will clear here at this time or just re-crew and go. Will advise when information is available. Pilot reportedly taken to a hospital,” states the UAL Operation Center communication. 

According to the UAL file, "Left seat Capt had chest pains.  Could not get him out of the seat.  Right seater landed."'