Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria: a Georgian Bolshevik & Soviet Stalin's ruthless chief of security, said "Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime”; Garland is US's Lavrentiy! Working with malfeasant

by Paul Alexander

people to manufacture crimes against '45', Trump is the man to be taken out; they are manufacturing crimes like Lavrentiy did; they will IMPRISON Trump so you can't vote or KILL him like Prigozhin

I fear for Trump, I do, I see they are exposing him and doing all to incite whackos in the society to harm Trump; they can’t beat him honestly at the ballot box, they fear him so it appears we are headed the way of Prigozhin, where the state will kill its opponents??? What say you? Am I way off?

We have many Lavrentiy Berias today manufacturing crimes to take out Trump. It is clear now!

But notice the crimes of the Biden et al. family INC remains just talk, no one is doing anything about it and the republicans are just as guilty, they are facilitating the democrats.