Leprosy: COVID vaccine? why is Leprosy rising in Florida? 'Central Florida: Leprosy Capital Of The USA'; While early treatment can be highly effective, a neglected case can lead to crippling

by Paul Alexander

disfigurement, paralysis and blindness. eight cases in Florida in 2023. However, what's particularly concerning is that recent infections don't appear to have originated from foreign travel

Has the COVID mRNA technology based underpinning gene injections so deranged the immune system of the vaccinated that we are now witnessing a surge in disease we usually have had mitigated? Exploding cancers and disease? Among children too? Central Florida appears to be the nerve center in America for emerging leprosy. Is leprosy endemic to central Florida now? The enlarging body of evidence seems to say so. What does this mean as to the epidemiology and risk of leprosy for America?

Is this due to vaccine? To international migration? To the illegals coming in at the borders (Southern)? We know that they are not medically screened etc. We need this studied immediately. Did the fraud unnecessary lockdown lunacy and school closures so weaken immune systems? Especially in children? Who do we hold to account? Between the lockdowns and the vaccine, what happened societally in the last over 3 years was monstrous.

The CDC spotlights the case of a 54-year-old man who contracted leprosy in 2022, with painful lesions and swelling: 

“He denied any domestic or foreign travel, exposure to armadillos, prolonged contact with immigrants from leprosy-endemic countries, or connections with someone known to have leprosy. He has resided in central Florida his entire life, works in landscaping, and spends long periods of time outdoors.”