Let me weigh in on censorship at the White House & Trump administration & Biden's: I sat there & heard my bosses tell appointees & federal officials any censorship, they will be fired on the spot;

by Paul Alexander

I can speak on the Trump administration, not Biden's. They were told & it was the practice of my bosses at HHS to not muzzle Diva Fauci or anyone; my job was to get them to stop lying to the public!

By using the real data and evidence! My job was to get Fauci and NIH and CDC to follow the science and to quote and use the accurate data, not the lies and mis-information they conjured up in their statements and via their bogus MMWR political reports.

It was only me and Dr. Scott Atlas and also Dr. Navarro though, fighting them on the inside, so it was very very difficult. Working in DC is like working in hell.

Now I can tell you that I grew to learn that these people in Trump administration that his peoples appointed, based on meetings I attended, hated him, were there for fame, the money, to help him get re-elected to keep their job and transition to K-street for big salaries etc. But hated him too. So I am not surprised that for the wrong reasons, they, in the Trump administration, would have engaged in censorship to the American people via TWITTER, Facebook etc. Both administrations. Trump did not authorize any censoring, they did, for their reasons. To keep the truth about the lockdowns and vaccines hidden. The real truth. So he would be re-elected. Yet they were battling to keep him there for the wrong reasons, as others we trying to remove him for their reasons. One POTUS had like 10 coups on him ongoing at once.

Not surprising to me. I may have also been on the list to be censored and worse, for I was waging holy jihad on them from within, for I knew the devastation by the lockdown lunacy on minorities, on blacks, on women especially poorer, on minority children, on the muslim community, e.g. south Asian community etc. and was hammering HHS, FDA, NIH, CDA, Fauci etc. I was hated by these untermensche. They cared (and do not care) not one second in these alphabet health agencies, for health and well-being. CDC and NIH and FDA to this day, has and will never care for minorities and their health. Black Americans are an after thought to these officials in these health agencies.

Those in the Trump administration who engaged in censoring, did so in part, to keep their jobs and helping Trump get re-elected to keep a job. Hated him. Very ideologically driven too. Lockdown lunatics they were and were very concerned if he lost, they would need a job. They told me in my face.