LEVY: Three prominent US and Canadian docs and scientists called lockdowns a waste of time, Risch, Alexander, and Tenenbaum; this was lockdown lunacy that caused crushing harms & did not stop

by Paul Alexander

infection, transmission, or deaths; lockdowns did nothing to curb infection or deaths, so did school closures, no matter how much the lockdown lunatic specious crowd try to rewrite history



They’ve been called “witch doctors” and “snake oil salesmen” for daring to go against the prevailing “group think” about lockdowns and to challenge the “preening camera hungry” medical experts who don’t represent the experience of clinicians and nurses on the front lines of the COVID battle.

Risch, a professor of epidemiology at the Yale School of medicine, called them “counterproductive.”

He said while lockdowns can reduce the numbers of COVID-infected patients, they only have a fighting chance when you can move every infected person out of a population.

Once the lockdown ends, there are people waiting to be infected, he noted.

“Once an epidemic has spread widely in a population or around the world, there’s no chance you can eradicate the virus completely,” Risch said, adding that putting travellers in quarantine for 14 days is also a waste of time.

“This is all show, this is all theatre.”

Alexander, a PhD educated in epidemiology who recently worked for the Health and Human Services Department in Washington, D.C. as a senior advisor on COVID-19 pandemic policy, said they have a year’s worth of data showing there have been “crushing harms” from the “draconian” lockdowns.

“The present lockdown and school closures are not sustainable, illogical, and often driven by an ill-informed, sensationalized media,” he added.

The controversial Alexander, who has repeatedly criticized Dr. Anthony Fauci for scaring Americans unnecessarily, said they saw data in the United States last summer indicating a dramatic spike among university and college students wanting to “commit suicide” because they couldn’t deal with the impact of isolation and being locked down.

“We were seeing 300% increase in reported self-harms among kids in primary and elementary school,” said the McMaster University assistant professor.

“We were also seeing data that business owners were hanging themselves across America … the collateral damage was far worse than COVID.”

Alexander said he feels the new provincial lockdown — announced on Friday — might be the thing that “breaks the backs of Ontarians” because there’s “no credible” basis for it based on the data accumulated over the past 14 months.

He added that the lockdowns prevent low-risk individuals in society — children, teenagers, and healthy middle-aged people — from going about their normal lives freely with sensible precautions.

“By locking down, you’re preventing natural immunity or some reasonable level close to it,” said Alexander.

Risch said that what we’ve faced is a “massive epidemic of stupidity.”

Tenenbaum, a periodontist based at the University of Toronto with a PhD in cell biology, added early on in the pandemic, they knew that an antibiotic called doxycycline could be a “very effective agent” to inhibit enzymes and the hyper inflammation that destroys lung tissue after COVID gets a hold of a patient.

When he tried to present it to his university colleagues, he said he was met with “stone silence” and incredulity because no one believed an antibiotic could work.

He added there have been lawsuits in the U.S. over getting such drugs to patients who were going to die.’