Leyland 'Lee' DeVito, well, he by all accounts has had 5 COVID gene injections, not one, but five! If he took the bivalent, he then had 4 prior (1st & 2nd booster); now POSITIVE for COVID; 8 MICE

by Paul Alexander

So the bivalent booster is a failure out of the gate, but we told you so, like all the prior ones and it is why Albert Bourla the CEO of Pfizer, wont take his new bivalent booster (Wuhan strain and BA

8 MICE that has threatened the world now, and you must say no, reject this madness!

COVID is not over for our elderly with underlying conditions. Be very careful. No vaccine works, now have 2.5 years of a purposely depressed immune system already prior immuno-senescence. Protect your elderly who have medical conditions. Very vulnerable to even mild BA.5 omicron. Nothing to protect them, their immune system is shot.

The only way out now globally is to stop these fraud shots, so that the infectious pressure from the virus will decline as the vaccine itself is causing infection of the vaccinee and the vaccinee is spreading the virus. This way your vulnerable elderly with conditions can emerge. Today, omicron may be mild yet faces their very weakened immune systems. So back to zero for them. Our governments have devastated lives.