LGBTQ live-out-loud leather & fetish festival that’s been a favorite among LGBTQ communities in Bay Area, CONTINUES, amid a burgeoning monkeypox outbreak that disproportionately affect GAY & bisexuals

by Paul Alexander

Why? Why not a moratorium this year? Why did they have to have PRIDE? Why? These types of stories only open the GAY & bisexual community for stigmatization & slander; tell them, NO sex contact 3 weeks

I just do not understand how this is allowed to happen when the globe was shut down for a virus it could not see and asymptomatic spread even when you had zero symptoms. We could not bury our dead we could not go to church. Child killed themselves due to the school closures.

Why can’t there be a stronger approach here, why the politics? The Gay and bisexual community, the LGBTQ must stand up and join in this battle for it is to help them with the monkeypox. They are a key part of society and so have a role in the public health response. I plead here with them and call on them to take the leadership role. The CDC and public health are ridiculing you and making fools of you and causing you to be stigmatized. Take the lead. Do what is right. Call for a cessation of these activities until this virus is tamped down in your community. Stop all physical contact. Leaders, you have to act and take the lead and PSA to all Gay and bisexual community, the LGBTQ in clear language.

“SAN FRANCISCO — Amid a burgeoning monkeypox outbreak that has so far disproportionately affected gay and bisexual men, Bay Area public health officials and organizers of one of the region’s most beloved LGBTQ events are walking a difficult line between preventing the spread of the virus, while fighting the stigma of the virus as a disease limited to the LGBTQ community.

Despite San Francisco officials’ declaration of a public health emergency over the monkeypox virus, organizers of Dore Alley — a live-out-loud leather and fetish festival that’s been a favorite among LGBTQ communities in the Bay Area since the 1980s — said Friday they intend to hold the festival this weekend.”