LIES! all lies: entire COVID pandemic, lockdown, school closure, business closure, asymptomatic spread, PCR test, no early treatment, equal risk, inferior natural immunity, COVID injection! all lies!

by Paul Alexander

We will learn they took 2.4 years (so far) of our life & freedom for no reason other than power, greed, dark malevolent purposes; that they suffered us & caused many to commit suicide in desperation!

Many adults and children in desperation, could not hold on and took their own lives. We must get accountability for this.

Every single aspect of COVID, the pandemic, the response, the injection, are all lies! I see it no other way! You were grossly deceived! We all were! This really was akin to a bad flu year, not the emergency/pandemic that they imposed upon us and destroyed economies but importantly, our freedoms and caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands if not millions needlessly. And it is why we, people like as skeptics and contrarians resist the lies and will work to see that all who made COVID lockdown lunatic decisions and brought this, all, all governments, all bureaucrats, technocrats, all public health officials, and with a focus on the fraud COVID injections, and including the pharmaceutical companies and CEOs themselves, will be accountable. In proper legal inquiries. They will have to defend what they did. And if they cannot, if it is shown in proper and public inquiry that their actions caused the deaths of people needlessly and recklessly, then we will impose the harshest financial civil penalties allowable under law and prescribed by the legal authorities. Prison if possible and prescribed.

Sick, malfeasant government and technocrats who had no basis, no science to support any of their policies and far worse for the ineffective and harmful COVID gene injection they foisted on us. We will not stop until we fully understand how doctors could stand by and watch people die when early treatment was available. How the academic medical research community and medical journals were bought out by pharma and malevolent interests. How doctors could push these fraud COVID injections on their unsuspecting ‘trusting’ patients. A virus with an infection fatality rate of 0.15% and 0.05% in persons less than 70 years, and with a risk of survival of near 100% once 70 years and below if infected. Again, akin to a seasonal flu or a bad year. How in 2003-2004 with SARS-CoV-1, with a fatality of 10%, 8,000 infected and 700-800 global deaths yet we did none of this. When we had the evidence from the Diamond Princess cruise ship as our petri dish and evidence yet disregarded it and went into lockdown lunacy.

We will learn that all of it, was a lie! A fraud, and Trump was right it was a hoax, not the virus, the virus was real and was catastrophic for elderly high-risk persons with medical conditions (and morbidly obese persons), but the response was a hoax and fraud, meant to hurt Trump, the virus was meant to hurt Trump and the USA, using the fraud RT-PCR test as the basis with the majority of false positive infections, and COVID Task Force lies of ‘we are all at equal risk of severe outcome if exposed/infected e.g. Johnny at 10 years old who is healthy is at same risk as granny at 85 years old with 3 underlying medical conditions, so as to frighten you day 1, to force you to comply and mask and lockdown, to cower in fear, to be willing to give them all your freedoms, all in the name of a coming fake fraud COVID injection that was doomed from the start. That was designed to fail and to hook you on the booster treadmill that you cannot come off of. The trial data Pfizer and Moderna submitted to FDA was a lie! Fraud!

The COVID injection would have and could have never optimally work. As you see now. The vaccine is non-neutralizing and does not eliminate the virus and does not stop transmission. In fact, the vaccinal antibodies enhance and facilitate infectiousness of the virus, to the vaccinated.

These malfeasants IMO at agencies like CDC, FDA, NIH, WHO, SAGE, PHAC etc. know that if you bring a leaky and imperfect vaccine that does not sterilize/neutralize the virus, that you will drive selection pressure (natural selection) and more and more infectious variants (‘fittest’) will be selected and thus emerge, as we saw with Omicron, now as the BA.5 clade/sub-variant. They know what they are doing. They know the harms and deaths the injection has caused and will cause. They know that if you want this pandemic to keep going for 100 years with infectious variant after infectious variant, then you keep using these vaccines as you are.