Lies, every single thing the US government, Canadian, UK etc. told us about COVID, 100%, were all lies! Now doing it with EG.5 sub-variant, BA 2.86; all lies! every lockdown lunatic policy FAILED, all

by Paul Alexander

Our governments, the health officials at CDC, NIH, HHS, FDA, NIAID, PHAC, Health Canada, SAGE etc. knew they had ZERO science to back up anything, knew they were harming us but continued

Nowhere in the world, nowhere, did any lockdown, school closures, business closures, nothing, there is no example anywhere that any mask mandate work, nothing worked, it was all a lie and they stole 3 years of your/our lives, took our freedoms and liberties and made millions of people believe they needed a gene injection for an IFR 0.05% respiratory pathogen where the risk of survival for those 75 and under was 99.998% near 100%. They knew it was a fraud PCR manufactured ‘over-cycled’ (beyong 24 amplifications ans thus detecting non-infectious non-lethal pathogen, viral dust, fragments) pandemic they were putting on us; they knew it was a fraud and that they were conspiring with their ‘asymptomatic’ lie to force us or deceive us into taking a vaccine that did not work (ineffective) and was harmful, for a respiratory pathogen with near 100% survival.

These were criminals and I call them the 20 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse and they must never ever be allowed fame and to ride off, no, we must investigate them to see who knew and did what and when, and punish them once shown they caused deaths. I think we can show this. Easily.

The PCR test was not a diagnostic test, it is just a process used to make a whole lot of something out of something, PCR is a ‘process’, not a diagnostic test. We did not know the number of cycles, amplifications (by doubling it per cycle) because we would have known that they were over-cycling to ensure they denoted most as positive when they were not. Most, in our math, 95% of those denoted as ‘positive’ were ‘false-positive’. We closed societies down, we shut schools down knowing 95% were not positive. It was a fraud PCR manufactured pandemic. Non-culturable, non-infectious, non-lethal (non-clinically ill) virus was what we detected beyond 24 amplifications. We were cycling at 40 or 45 cycles. It was all a lie. 24 was the cut-off cycles to detect infectious virus, and so can you thus see the devastating duplicity and lie? PCR test doubles the fragments (RNA fragments) in cycle thresholds and keep doubling until they have enough genetic material to identify. So the goal was never to identify accurate infections, the goal was to lie, scare, and SHUT down! This is how they toppled Trump. Over 37 cycles the probability of false positive was/is 97%.

They were terrible bad actors in US, Canada, UK government etc. conspiring to harm populations for a reason. Investigations must continue.