LIES! It was all lies, every single bit of information told to us on COVID lockdowns, school closures, tests, mask mandates, vaccine, were lies! All Birx & Fauci said, Trump Task Force, Biden's, lies!

by Paul Alexander

Atlas was right! Zero evidence that any lockdowns, school closures, masks worked, NONE! The COVID pandemic was a FRAUD and you will come to know this, all of it was a lie, NO vaccine was needed!

Yes, Scott Atlas was probably the only sane person in the room, but I feel what he did wrong, and maybe not wrong, but where he skipped a step was he toned down and had he continued the way he spoke etc. before he joined the administration July/August, he would be front and center now. He was against lockdowns and all the fraud, but then in some sense tried to work within the system as POTUS et al. were trying to sell it; so Atlas IMO, and its just my opinion, tried to help and made a grave error with the vaccines; he should have not been open to the vaccines for his challenge now is to thread the needle that its not safe for children etc. is not easily acceptable. So what he has to do is come out clear and firm that he was misled, for IMO he is brilliant, the most smartest of the clowns on the Task Force, smarter than many out there, but he bought it; I think he just did not believe Pfizer and Moderna can be the criminals they are, money making criminals. He trusted. He should not have, this is my opinion. But a great human being, great man, I knew him. Wanted to do everything he could to save lives and Fauci and Birx detested him and fought him and subverted him. Did not even want to be in the same room with him, they hated him so much and why? It was envy, for he showed minute one how stupid and inept they were, Fauci and Birx, clear morons and dimwits on the epidemiology and science, and they hated him for it. Among the best in my eyes, he was, but he faltered. He tried to help Trump who was being deceived and subverted by that clown car Task Force for he gave Trump truth, and he went against his own gut as he trusted. He felt “nah, they could not be this malfeasant so I will trust somewhat”. He learnt they are that malfeasant.

Yes, COVID was hurtful to high risk and mainly elderly persons (still median age of death 82 or so with underlying medical conditions principally or younger with medical conditions or obese), no doubt, and we cannot discount this but high risk elderly die daily due to colds and influenza and other conditions. It is life and a consequence of aging. I am being open here. It is always painful to lose loved ones but this is the consequence of a pathogen in a population with risk. But this was never ‘novel’, we had experience with this via prior coronaviruses; our kids were spared and we knew early on; the rest was a fraud, and yes, Trump was right, it was a hoax, the response was a hoax, not the virus, but what they did with it to brutalize us and accrue power, it was criminal what these people did and we must get accountability; that's fair, we must examine everything, and Fauci and Birx lockdowns killed people and killed children and both, with Bourla of Pfizer, must be examined carefully in proper public inquiries, and put under oath, with others, and if they did things that harmed recklessly, we must hold them to account. Fully!

I will state it clearly as I could, every single decision made with this COVID pandemic, everything done and forced on us, the PCR tests, the asymptomatic transmission, recurrent infection, inferior natural immunity, equal risk if infected regardless of different age and risk (baseline) etc. all of it, were lies, blunt lies! All were based on no evidence, no data, went against the existing science, and were just power-hungry freaks. These government leaders. It was all a fraud. And they know it and the game is to hold us off as long as possible for they know we know it.

For over 2 years now, we have been lied to, fed lies, terrorized and tormented by in my mind, not just inept people, but there is some level of malfeasance…it cannot only be stupidity and incompetence. They knew very early on all the COVID restrictions were not working and hurting people but they would not stop, they hardened it. These technocrats and bureaucrats and government leaders caused suicides among business owners, laid off employees, and children. They must pay for this.

No child is to get these vaccines, under NO condition, and this is the hill you defend, and I say again, we must go back and examine each decision these people made, all of them, we do not hold malice, we do not be unfair, we must as good governance, hold proper legal inquiries and if decisions were sound, that’s great. But if it is shown in legal settings and inquiries that decisions were reckless and unsound, and they had proper evidence but disregarded it, we then penalize them financially and we work hard to place people in jail!