Light reading: I deal with so many people who interview me & I have realized its only money-making for them; no concern with the pain; many grifters, grafters; one lady told me (felt comfy to share)

by Paul Alexander

said to me when I asked her how she sustains this COVID asking for donations: "now & again, when I need extra money, I open the bible, quote a verse, well up my eyes & people donate more"

That she would read parts of the bible, fake cry and then ask for donations. Told me she does it each time she decides she needs more money. Says once she invokes bible, people give.

I have seen it done many times by various people.

Deceiving poor people who are in pain, have lost, and seek answers etc. Lots of this COVID Freedom fighter thing is a fraud folks, I am part of this, I belong to many of these groups, deal with lots of these folks, frauds, grifters, do nothing for the poor people who give, just enrich themselves, lavish lives now, COVID enriched them, and grift, like a rolling stone, one after the other and have no issue moving on once a donor pool is dry, no concern, hell they tell me this…this is about money for them, grifting, pimping.

be careful who you give your money to. These are uncaring grifting leaches.