Listen to what FAUCI says here minute 6:25 on, and tell me you dont want to jump off a building; this beast locked us down for 2 years and closed schools due to a POSITIVE RT-PCR test, listen now

by Paul Alexander

It is either he is insane, stupid, or is malfeasant...this ***** with the other beasts in public health and these corrupted TASK Forces shut all down based on a positive PCT test; was I dreaming?

I think jail is not good enough for these people…

He said minute 6.25:

Para ‘A PCR test that we used the last 2 years does not measure replication competent virus; it measures viral particles, in other words I could be infected, and have already cleared the replication competent virus and recovered, and still be positive with PCR testing, but I am not transmissible at all…the very fact it is positive for several days or weeks later gives no indication of whether you are transmissible. the virus could be dead inactive virus that does not exist…that the PCR test is picking up, and not transmissible virus…’

This illogical irrational, specious, absurd technocrat locked us down with Birx because a positive PCR meant we could be transmitting…but this inept technocrat just said here the positive PCR does not mean that? And he/they said too that a PCR cannot denote infectiousness…but he is lying for we know that it is a proxy for infectiousness by the cycle count threshold…the lower the threshold e.g. < 24 means highly infections as elevated load (low cycles or amplifications), and the higher e.g. > 30-35 or so means many amplifications and thus low viral load and not infectious…is he that dumb? No he is not, this beast knew they were locking us down and masking etc. based on lies, all lies, all false, like the falsehood about asymptomatic transmission, and lies of recurrent infection, and lies about vaccine immunity better than natural immunity, and lies about we are all at equal risk if infected knowing that an elderly person has a 1,000 times greater risk of death than a child due to COVID…all lies, lies that early treatment did not exist…again, many of these beasts must be jailed…

But did this dong dong not lock us down based on ONLY a positive test? That we had to mask up for 2 years and lockdown just based on a positive test? That you would be quarantined at border etc…? I mean is this man insane or just plain corrupted? What he says here is complete garbage and alarming all at once if ANY of it is true as he understands it…he is pretending that what they did, they did not do.