Living in America now! This is what Biden has done: 'Four Children Found in Boston-Run Housing with Drag Queens, ‘Drugs, Sex Toys,’ and Dead Body'; my view: this drag queen transgender issue is the

by Paul Alexander

ruination of America, it is the left's last effort to put a nail in her coffin & don't be fooled, may in congress and senate, many BIG people in US society into this transgender filth, with pedophilia

The democrats, POTUS Biden (even some republicans) are down with the transgender, flying the flag at the White House. It is beyond sick…these same devils, beelzebubs, demons are welcomed by Democrats like Biden et al., who support genital mutilation of children by their advocacy and statements, and these same people will shuffle off to receive the Holy Eucharist at Mass, go to church, sit in the front bench almost on the altar, hell they want to sit with the priest even if they could, yet engage in sick personal behavior including child abuse, sexualizing our children, grooming them, abuse of women, pedophilia (quasi, overt), violence, fellating their own pet animals (yes, we hear about you freaks in congress and high society etc.), and people like McCarthy the Speaker sits back pulling flint from his toes.

The Republican voter was fleeced again in 2022 and Kevin is not the person to be speaker. He seems to have no gonads. We need men and women with gonads as speaker. We have a nation to save.