'Liza Burke, college senior who had brain hemorrhage on spring break, dies of brain tumor'; is this another instance of TURBO aggressive cancer? due to mRNA technology gene based injection vaccine?

by Paul Alexander

How is this happening to our young people? How come the legacy media is tongue tied & zipped lipped and will not ask Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al. what did they do with their deadly mRNA technology?

What happened to Liza? God’s precious child.

‘Liza Burke, a senior at the University of Georgia who experienced a brain hemorrhage while on a spring break trip to Mexico, died April 28 after she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She was 21.


"Following a six-week battle with a previously-undiagnosed brain tumor, Liza transitioned into the next realm peacefully while being cared for by friends and family," Liza Burke's obituary read. "Heaven is undoubtedly rejoicing at her arrival. But she will be missed by so many in her hometown of Asheville, NC, and home-away-from-home, Athens, GA."

In a blog entry from the night of Thursday, April 27, the 21-year-old's mother, Laura McKeithen, wrote that family visited Liza Burke and watched her favorite movie, "Interstellar."

"After the movie ended, Bryan and I went upstairs to sleep while Jack slept hand in hand with his sister," McKeithen wrote in another journal entry. "Once he fell asleep and the only eyes on Liza were those of her 'other mother', Liza took a final breath, sighed, and transitioned into the next realm."

On Friday morning, McKeithen shared "with both relief and belief" that the college student died at around 2:20 a.m.

"Liza has now been reunited with her sister and they are making up for lost time!" she wrote, referring to Liza Burke's late sister, Edie Burke, who died in 2008 at age 9 from a rare genetic disorder.

The family's dog, Beane, "quickly sensed" that Liza Burke had passed, her mom wrote, and came downstairs. She also added that after calling hospice, they dressed Liza Burke in colorful pajamas and her brother Jack Burke's girlfriend braided her hair.

On March 10, Liza Burke complained of a headache while on her trip to Mexico and went to lie down, according to McKeithen. A few hours later, her boyfriend found her unconscious.

Liza Burke was taken to an area hospital, then subsequently transported to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida.’