LNPs enhance mRNA stability, circulation time, cellular uptake, and preferential delivery to specific tissues compared to mRNA with no carrier platform; did Malone know this all along as he did

by Paul Alexander

research with mRNA technology and exosomes/LNP para, and so, why was he silent? why did he remain silent knowing that the vaccine and content COULD NOT stay at injection site? why? $??????

This is a serious scientific question he must answer under oath with Kariko and Weissman and others and no matter how much lackies like Littell he sends out to smear and attack me, sneaking behind my back to groups I work with, no matter who, don’t think Littell I don’t know you are sneaking around telling people I support technically to distance from me and Malone will not sue them, smells like bribes to me, QUID PRO QUO, anything you do Littell I know, it comes back to me and don’t think you can fool me with your ‘Jesus’ talk, invoking Jesus each time you talk, I don’t buy it, real Christians do not do what you did; sorry and I will keep asking these questions for his, Malone’s mRNA technology (Kariko et al.) has killed people, killed people. We all know it but I am not one of them with my head up his ass for donor money etc. And followers and clicks etc. I did not fall for the fraud of it all. And attack me, come at me, know that I will reply to you in media too. Something stinks about this Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al. mRNA technology and they brought death to us yet are silent and we parade them about and award them and no one is asking the questions? I will! I will get these answered, no matter who hides them…yet your stench is you are so lost in making money and donor money, you are actually damagign the public and the movement. It died the day you all decided money was the only way and created personas to help you get the money.

Malone knew it did not stay at injection site, yet was silent as CDC and FDA etc. lied and helped mandate death; he knew it reverse transcribed and damages our DNA and possible humanity, he knows it subverts the immune system e.g. P53 guardian of the genome, he knows it invokes tolerance, he knows mitochondrial damage, he knows toll-like receptors are impaired and the escalating metastasis and cancers, he knows many things but can tell you para ‘oh, I made the mRNA this way but Moderna did something to it, oh they modified it’…what utter bullshit…he knows how to turn it off, all of them, they must, I would need to be deranged to think otherwise. The question is, why the silence? Did he and they benefit? $?????? Patents? I have asked but silence.

‘LNPs enhance mRNA stability, circulation time, cellular uptake, and preferential delivery to specific tissues compared to mRNA with no carrier platform. However, LNPs have yet to be developed for safe and effective mRNA delivery to the placenta as a method to treat placental dysfunction. Here, we develop LNPs that enable high levels of mRNA delivery to trophoblasts in vitro and to the placenta in vivo with no toxicity.’