LOCKDOWN lunatics Francis Collins, Fauci, Birx et al. damaged the immune systems of children, locking down too long & masks & school closures; so why do you think CDC's own analysis is showing an

by Paul Alexander

increase in medically attended ARI & asthma/RAD exacerbations in children and adolescents during summer 2022? Why? Unusually high number of young children are presenting to the emergency room; Why?

We may indeed be facing a dark winter for our children as their immune systems are weak.

We damaged our children and young people in terrible ways and their normally functional capacity immune system is deranged and dysregulated at present, both natural innate and acquired-adaptive. We are also threatening the training of the innate immune system (innate antibodies and NK natural killer cells) with these failed ineffective COVID gene shots.

After an extended period of low EV-D68 circulation during the COVID-19 pandemic, surveillance data suggest increased detection of rhinovirus/enterovirus and EV-D68, concurrent with increased emergency department visits by children and adolescents with acute respiratory illness and asthma/reactive airway disease during summer 2022.

There were nearly 700 children in hospital sick with a respiratory virus across the seven wards studied in August last year, of which just over half had tested positive for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) - which is normally benign.

This was the highest levels ever recorded in summer, and came off the back of a year and a half of brutal pandemic restrictions forcing many to stay indoors.