Lockdowns, school closures, mask mandates, ALL of it, everything done Feb 2020 to now, was WRONG, it was all bad, a hoax, IMO a combination of malfeasance, ineptness, weakness, greed, Trump was wrong

by Paul Alexander

You could not support him more than I, and I still do, I lost a tremendous lot, jobs, academic appointment, friends, family...but I talk as I understand it, when Trump says he saved 500,000 lives???

IMO, it is the pandemic’s response and the leaders and public health officials involved that has been far worse than the pandemic itself and the inability to conduct any cost-benefit analysis to gauge the applicability of alternative courses of actions. We implemented devastating lockdowns and other policies without any assessment of the costs and benefits.

I did think he, Trump, was among the very best and I do think he can be again, and be the greatest if he has another shot…it will be up to the people…but this was malfeasance, ineptness, weakness, greed and POTUS Trump sat on top of it…the lockdowns (Fauci and Birx inspired and the Task Force Clown car show daily, save for Giroir) and vaccines, were due to his presidency, he was POTUS…it came under him…hurts me to say but its the fact…

Trump allowed Fauci and Birx to damage his presidency and commit devastation on the nation…he allowed many around him free reign, those ass suckers to pimp off him and seek only to benefit…they are still there…and they hurt him and his presidency…yes, I think they (dark nefarious people) played with the vote and did some dark things…but I do think he lost…in the end…hurts to say but I am being honest…because I do like him…and nation first….I think in the end he lost many supporters who were devastated by the lockdowns and school closures and even what they were seeing with this coming vaccine shit…they knew this vaccine was going to be a problem…they could not understand why he was not fighting for early treatment….why the push for vaccines??? why the extended lockdowns and hardened lockdowns? why did he not use the power of the presidency to open it up faster…? to say it is up to the states was not good enough…he had the power.

You cannot tell me or convince me that a vaccine that WAS NEVER needed, will still be brought on the population…and you don't stop it? you brought it? The American people are not stupid people…they can love and support but they know when something is wrong…same way after BHO was POTUS, from early 2009 they recoiled in horror by his initial actions and punished him by slowly took back all power, from the house at midterms to senate and then POTUS…I think so they did here…methodologically.

POTUS Trump maybe deserves based on what he did and could have done, a place on Rushmore…a 2nd shot at the oval…I think so…I do think he was better than all save Abe…and he did it in 2 years for Paul ‘Benedict Arnold Medussa’ Ryan damaged his first 2 years…he had it all yet could not bring nothing to the floor etc. under Ryan…who subverted him at each move…go back and watch…Ryan hurt him badly and maybe is the worst speaker and danger we ever had…so to judge Trump you need to in the last 2 years and it makes his accomplishments staggering…unmatched.

But he failed…he allowed 2 of the greatest public health disasters ever in history to occur on his watch…he did not fire Fauci and Birx and others and they ran amok and their lockdowns killed people, killed innocent children who hung themselves…we saw the data…it was sad and frightening…

The lockdowns were devastating, the school closures killed children, business owners hung themselves, their laid off employees harmed themselves and killed themselves…and the vaccines today are killing people…and children do not need them and WILL die from them.

POTUS Trump I love you, I support you, you were terribly treated and your tremendous wife and son, your name, you did not deserve what the media did…a great man…to me…but you must stand up and admit the failure, admit what went wrong and call for a stop of the vaccines, all mandates, and that no child must get any vaccine…he will be loved by everyone…the nation needs leadership NOW, there is none, no POTUS…I dont hate Biden, I will serve him if asked, but his mental ability is clearly gone…and it is painful to watch…so Trump can regain his stature and the people who walked, but he must come clean and stand up against these vaccines and admit allowing Fauci and Birx to take control of his presidency with their illogical, irrational, nonsensical, absurd, unscientific lockdowns, that killed people…was his doing and a catastrophic mistake for he trusted them…we would understand but dont go telling us your lockdowns saved 500,000 lives…thats a load of bullshit hogwash bullocks…stop it! We are way smarter than that…the lockdowns saved no lives…the Imperial College models were wrong from the start and a means to deceive and mislead…with the concepts of

  1. we are all at equal risk of severe outcome if expose…a bunch of bull…COVID was amenable to risk stratification and this this was bull sh*t

  2. asymptomatic spread…a pure lie and fallacy

  3. recurrent infection….a pure lie and fallacy

  4. there is no early treat…a pure lie for early treatment existed

  5. natural immunity is inferior to vaccine immunity…what hogwash

  6. the PCR test was an accurate diagnostic test…

  7. masks work to prevent infection and spread

  8. Lockdowns and school closures will save lives…this was a pure lie day one