LOCKDOWNS, these animals, these beasts in governments who stole 2.5 years of freedom from us with lockdown lunacy will try again in winter, saying "energy shortages & supply chains issues"-stay home!

by Paul Alexander

We may be prepared to accept that as cost of living & gas prices & food prices go beyond reach...we will acquiesce or will we? will we stand up and be prepared to fight them this time, legally & polls

We fight these evil governments at the polls and civilly and legally, peacefully but we wage the fight of our lives!

For they, this winter, will tell us that the failed lockdowns will help, not from a pandemic risk reduction, but because of the cost of living…so what they cannot do for disease anymore for we will not accept it for COVID again, and the monkeypox sham has failed, as much as they strive to deliberately expand it out of the Gay community, they will do for ‘economic purposes’.

What say you? Is this your hot gates? Will we lay down?

This is where we fight, this is where we hold them…give them nothing but take from them everything!

Issue is ‘for now, the public remains far from receptive. But this could change as soon as energy shortages and supply chain issues begin to bite this winter, which they surely will. The public has already been primed to believe that lockdowns were great for generating energy savings. We saw the evidence of that with our own eyes. Traffic jams disappeared. Oil prices went negative. Air pollution reversed.

In the face of late Soviet-style chaos on the streets, unconstrained inflation, not enough electricity to heat the homes of the vulnerable, the prospect of order emanating from the “temporary” suspension of a market economy might seem appealing.

It’s even easy to predict the messaging that might feel compelling: ‘Stay Home. Don’t queue. Save Energy.’ Or, ‘Bread and energy is cheap if you stay home!’