Lot of pork & kickback bribe money in that 40 BILLION $ to Ukraine; we have no baby food but Ukraine gets 40 BILL? NO, NO, NO, Ukraine is not my problem, EUROPE'S; fix my border, my fentanyl crisis...

by Paul Alexander

Fix my cost of living, fix my inflation, fix my crazy gas price, fix my crime on the streets...fix it all, and then come back & ask about money, until then, keep your thieving hands off the tax money

We could barely get by now, fly over country is suffering, blue collar is suffering, working class people, good hard working Americans can barely keep head above water and with even 2 incomes in the home, fixed, people cannot even afford the damn gas now and these beasts want to give 40 billion to a corrupted nation? I seen what you did? You drove destruction and war so you can swoop in after with crooked construction contracts too…good God, you people are transparent and we can smell you 1000 miles away…this is not about Ukraine, this is about making money…cough cough the Clintons cough cough…that type…will take suffering and make money out of it.

Both Repubs and Dems…it is a UNI party and only folk like Johnson and Jordon etc. are different and huge praise for Rand Paul for at least putting up some fight.


Huge praise for Joe Manchin at times for the balls he shows but at times he is as deranged as the squad…but I like him at times…I like what he did on the Roe V Wade bill…I give praise where it is due. Look, these people may be good people in one sense e.g. parents and spouses but are damn crooks and thieves with the tax payer money!

These people in DC are damn crooks!

NASTY CROOKS in the government, all governments. Canada’s is worse.

We are crying out for help, we the nation need help, do not give no more money to Ukraine…a corrupted nation…the west and NATO promised something that could not happen and have us now here with the nutball, but the west did this…

If Russia was to install missiles or troops on the Canadian Niagara border with USA, what should the US do? I would take that as aggression and an act of war even…that would be insane to allow to stand and the US would be in good stead to react hard…do you get the similarity? and with a guy who is trapped in COLD War mentality…we failed to take into consideration his thinking and how he would view those threats. And we thus provoked a nutball. why did they do this? He is wrong what he has done but we caused this. We have a role, a fundamental role and pushing the world to WW III. A bunch of State department frat people who cannot even piss straight or get out of mommy’s basement but talking smack about nuclear war. Follow the money!

Follow the money, see whose family and buddies getting part of it…see, you will be surprised.

Imagine if you will, house and senate members actually doing the people’s work, for once and protecting the people’s money…imagine if you will! Its hard to but try…

This is just my opinion, you may like or do not like, but its my opinion only. I am allowed to have one.