Loving Tulsi daily, more & more! 'Gabbard: Democratic Party ‘an Elitist Cabal of Warmongers — Corrupt Politicians, Propaganda Media, Big Tech and the National Security State’; she forgot banal, feral

by Paul Alexander

reckless, bottom-dwelling and while at it Tulsi, throw in some republicans from the house and Senate too, a bunch of crooked high-crime bandits, thieves, blood sucking thieves of the tax payer




‘Friday on Fox News Channel’s “The Ingraham Angle,” former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard decried her former political party as tearing the country apart.

She described it as a group with ill intentions coalescing around a label.

“Now, I think what most of the — of today’s Democratic Party, they haven’t grappled with the fact that people aren’t leaving the party because of just one issue,” host Laura Ingraham said. “They’re leaving the party because of like 10 issues in the lurch to the left. That’s, I mean, they’ve gone so far left, they’ve left America. I mean, this is an unrecognizable coalition of radicals.”

“Yes, Laura, they’re lurching further and farther towards insanity. Really, there’s no other word that I can find to describe it, you know,” Gabbard replied. “The list of reasons, unfortunately, is long. And I think we will continue to see more and more Americans who maybe call themselves Democrats and are used to but leaving the Democratic Party because of a whole host of reasons. It’s, you know, an elitist cabal of warmongers that’s made of corrupt politicians, the propaganda media, big tech, and the national security state. They are weaponizing the security state to go after political opponents.”’