Low prevalence of myocarditis in COVID-19? Well, this is not what CDC, NIH, FDA & Fauci etc. told us! We were told take the mRNA COVID gene injection because virus gives you more myocarditis than shot

by Paul Alexander

A lie! The data has never supported this, in fact, the COVID injection places you more at risk for myocarditis than virus; systematic review confirmed low prevalence of myocarditis in COVID-19.




‘Studies were individually assessed for risk of selection, detection, and reporting biases. The median prevalence of different autopsy findings with associated interquartile ranges (IQRs).

…This review cohort contained 50 studies including 548 hearts. The median age of the deceased was 69 years. The most prevalent acute cardiovascular findings were myocardial necrosis (median: 100.0%; IQR, 20%–100%; number of studies = 9; number of patients = 64) and myocardial oedema (median: 55.5%; IQR, 19.5%–92.5%; number of studies = 4; number of patients = 46).

…The median reported prevalence of extensive, focal active, and multifocal myocarditis were all 0.0%. The most prevalent chronic changes were myocyte hypertrophy (median: 69.0%; IQR, 46.8%–92.1%) and fibrosis (median: 35.0%; IQR, 35.0%–90.5%). SARS-CoV-2 was detected in the myocardium with median prevalence of 60.8% (IQR 40.4-95.6%).

…Our systematic review confirmed the high prevalence of acute and chronic cardiac pathologies in COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 cardiac tropism, as well as the low prevalence of myocarditis in COVID-19.’