Maajid Narwaz: 'What I saw in COVID mandates was the exact I was opposing in Islamists; Maajid Nawaz: 'The Levers of Ideological Warfare—From Islamist Extremism to Covidian Dogma'

by Paul Alexander

I have admired this guy, for he went from Islamist to one of the most balanced, informed people...

Yes, its an ideological war we are in based on narrative and who controls it and designs it…there is no truth anymore basically and I myself do not know who to believe for the ‘good’ is no longer ‘good’…reality around us has been shaped by the situation around us we find ourselves in….say the COVID mandates, we have seen in 2 years, the authorities and so called experts shifted the goal post and the narrative kept being adjusted and people like Fauci and Walensky and Francis Collins now speak as if the things they said before and forced on us, they DID NOT say…they have changed their speak. Why? These unscientific people, and the reality is it is not only for COVID, it is in this Ukraine-Russia situation, foreign policy…anything. Its the weaponization of truth in the pursuit of power and keeping of power.

Some say he is an opportunist or Manchurian, I say no…IMO…I am a decent judge of character and intent, this is a good human being…major nuggets and information in his depth.

Maajid Narwaz