Macron and most other French ministers were NOT VACCINATED? That is the word now, NOT vaccinated and as we are debating, if so, Macron best hide for French people will deball him in the public square

by Paul Alexander

French don't mess around! If true, people could be guillotined for less than that (see French Revolution), being fooled and advantaged like that. Jean Lasalle speaks on this.

‘In an interview on French TV, former presidential candidate and long-time French politician Jean Lasalle said that, despite originally being FOR the vaccines, he’s now changed his mind, after four post-jab heart surgeries. “I got the … vaccine that almost killed me, that distorted my heart,” he said. “I have had four surgeries since January 3rd of this year.”

Lasalle explained that he got the jabs because Prime Minister Macron urged everyone to do it, and he wanted to show he was being part of the solution. But later, he said he found out that Macron and most other French ministers were NOT VACCINATED.’

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