'Maddow: Trump Could Do a Plea Deal Vowing Not to Run for President Again to Avoid Jail Time'; you see the truth is never far behind, Trump is so dangerous to these beasts, they got to take him out &

by Paul Alexander

prevent you from voting for him, so they want to jail him or assassinate him, I truly feel they are positioning Trump for full exposure placing '45' at risk; I plead POTUS Trump, guard yourself




‘MSNBC host Rachel Maddow said Wednesday on “The ReidOut” that former President Donald Trump could make a plea deal vowing not to run for president again to avoid jail time.

Anchor Joy Reid said, “What are the chances that Donald Trump, and I had not thought about until you said it, that instead of going through with this trial he takes a plea with the vowed to not run for president again like Spiro Agnew did in the 70s.”

Maddow said, “I don’t know what the odds are.”’

Word to Maddow or MadCOW,


No Deal! Up Yours!

Trump will be re-elected!