MADNESS we have lived! Imagine this is what CDC, FDA malfeasants & media is telling you NOW!: i)medical community overcounted COVID hospitalizations & deaths ii)90% diagnosed with COVID in hospital

by Paul Alexander

for another illness iii)COVID NOT actual cause of death as per death certificate )often NO role at all iv)PCT test was actually 95% false positive v)near no money spent by NIH on COVID questions

vi) yes, mRNA found in breast milk vii) yes, spike and vaccine can impact sperm motility and count viii) yes, natural immunity is superior to vaccine immunity ix) yes, there is myocarditis caused by the COVID gene injection x)most academic researchers and doctors in US admit they were scared to openly say that the COVID lockdowns and polices and vaccine were unsafe and ineffective (likely deadly) because their careers depended on NIH and as such Fauci’s and Francis Collins funding, direct or indirect xi)Fauci made millions in royalties from pharma xii)that asymptomatic transmission was a lie as a key driver of the pandemic xiii)that there was indeed an age-risk stratified curve March 2020 showing that elderly 85 year olds with medical conditions had a 1000-fold increased risk of death than 10 year old healthy Johnny and that we were never ever at ‘equal’ risk of severe outcomes if infected.

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I say jail them all, all who were complicit in these crimes and yes, even investigate Kevin Bass MD in training now running to the hills. Do not let him get off so easy with his Emily Oster crap, drill him with the right questions.