Madonna in the past sang about the truth never being far behind; well, now we know that "Canadian intelligence reported ‘no concerns’ about Freedom Convoy on day Trudeau invoked Emergencies Act"

by Paul Alexander

Trudeau acted as no statesman, no leader, nothing, just a thug when he invoked the Emergencies Act on peaceful protestors & truckers; how do I know? I was there, there were wives & children in the rig

Madonna was right.

The corrupted Trudeau government now even have Ottawa citizens lying in the inquiry. It is plain to see. History will record Trudeau for what he is. And the Premier of Ontario, the waste Doug Ford for his role. What he did and allowed. It was his OPP and police that did this. Ask yourself what did Jagmeet, the sell-out NDP leader and Ford get? When you figure that out, you will know what buys ‘complicity’ and ‘go along’ for election purposes. These people IMO will sell their mother for the right price. They sold out Ontarians and Canadians. We are dealing with filthy power-drunk people here who damaged the society with their COVID lockdown lunacy and the failed fraud COVID gene injections they are still pushing down your throats.


Be warned, you will be harmed with these shots. Think carefully about boosters, the boosters are killing people globally. Ineffective, with negative efficacy. Now you are trapped on the booster treadmill and you cannot get off. We, I, warned you.