"Maher: Biden ‘Absolutely’ Shouldn’t Run in 2024"; 100% I agree. US will be laughing stock of world who would ask, of the millions of women, men, smart, younger, healthy, you are saying Biden is BEST?

by Paul Alexander

The US POTUS is someone you are saying has all the qualities combined who can do the likely best job at this time for the US, is healthy, can think; this is NOT Biden! He does not know where he is!

This is bullshit madness, trying to tell me what I am seeing is a fully functional cognitively able person in POTUS Biden. Are you people EFF in insane? Are you kidding me? Come on, let us be serious now! It is time! We EFFed around with this game long enough! He CAN’T do the job! It is plain to see. I feel compassion for him!

If the democrats put up Biden in 2024, it will be the laughing stock of the world that this is the best person across the whole of America we are saying, that they bypassed strong educated, smart, younger democrats who could do a way better job. You would be saying this is the best among you? Come on. I am not saying anything about his life, his politics now. Just saying what is clear. He is old, sick, he is not optimal and not fully functional. If he was a different 80 year old, but he is not. It is clear. Let us stop the bull shit games, stop the games!

Come on, it is time to stop joking, this is insane. This POTUS cannot even walk to the podium normally. He is not aging well. I know of 90 year olds who are strong, healthy, clear minds. He is none of this. Cannot even start his own sentence without having to read it. There is something very very wrong. The US is on the line here. The repubs are cruel for they want him on deck to run against in 2024 and the dems just don’t want to lose power and the loser is the US, the nation. Yes, we the people are the loser in their little game of ‘keep Biden there’.

No one should ridicule him, please no. Never do that to an elderly. But he is one elderly that is NOT the best for this great nation, based on his health. I am talking about his health and mind. Nothing else. And this impacts what we are facing. Nothing that is done and said and signed by the democrats is him. Nothing. It is those behind him who are running the US. Klain, Rice et al. I don’t think they even let VP Giggles have any say.

He does not even know where to sign if you don’t show him. Come on! Stop the bull shit. It is going and gone! His mind. We are being ridiculed. We must demand better! Both sides. If this was a repub POTUS I would scream get him to hell out of there, let him retire nicely and live in peace. Stop the abuse! Put the BEST person we can find on deck.

Let us treat him kindly and let us ensure the dems put someone good and healthy and sound mind in 2024. I will even look at their candidate if they were not deranged and dangerous like the present pack of radical Marxist Fascist communist democrat whackos on the hill. I would. The democrats are doing a fine job with the help of Bitch McConnell in destroying the US now. Democrats are very stuck in the fog of woke crap, bull shit. Real woke and fog and have no idea what they are doing or saying. People like bitch and Kevin and all those types of dangerous EUNUCH repubs must go too. Vote them out. These people are all devastating to the US. And we must find a way to get back all the money they pocketed. All!



Maher: Biden ‘Absolutely’ Shouldn’t Run in 2024