'Malone Becomes a Fifth Generation Warrior – But Who Is the Enemy?' Excellent piece by Dr. Peter Breggin & Ginger Breggin & it echoes what I have stated, you have been made fools of for what is told

by Paul Alexander

was done to you, is seemingly being done to you & you are lapping it up; today, you listen to people e.g. Kariko, who brought the very same mRNA technology in the vaccine that kills & harms you

Mass psychosis or fomation (they tell you you were insane and delusional and under a trance) or what ever the hell people call it and the 5-G warfare crap now that you are subjected to (or they tell you that you are subjected to it), and all the while, you even step forward and when you ask people serious questions, they then threaten you and you get threats and attacked by sycophants. What they have proven is you are indeed weak, they figured it out, and they have capitalized and preyed on it! They knew you were frightened and would seek authority figures spewing fancy type words. You sought a hero, a saviour, an idol. It is understandable but then the freaks and low-lifes among us come calling, for your heart and soul, your mind. When you hero worship, people make fools of you and take advantage of you. Often, if you listen closely, they are no better than the snake oils salesman King Ashish Jha himself…they are all snake oils salespersons. Listen closely, its just a load of drivel and garbage dressed up. They are indeed imposing all those insane mind techniques they say others e.g. the government, has used on you, they themselves are using on you, and you are so weak and vulnerable and confused you do not see or ‘get’ it.

Maybe Dr. Breggin who is a world famous trained psychiatrist can help you clear the field a bit.

This piece by Breggins I think is quite good, comprehensive. Raises serious questions. I find of utility to understand what is around me and being said. Most of it is garbage, to make you think people are giving you help when they are only ‘taking’.

Be careful. No technocrat or bureaucrat has answers for you. They are simple money whores pimping off your own tax money, could not function in the real world so they preyed on your tax money. In labs. And wrote grants. All their life. And did wrong to you en route. Go ask Kariko what you tax money brought you. Ask Weissman if their mRNA technology ‘helped’ you or ‘helps’ anyone or anything. Ask Malone.


‘Robert Malone, MD, self-acclaimed inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology, delivered a speech to a reported crowd of 800 souls in Stockholm, Sweden, on January 21st, 2023. His subject was psychological warfare, in the past referred to as psyops or psychological operations and now as Fifth Generation Warfare. Dr. Malone appeared to be perfecting a new stump speech which has now been delivered in Sweden, Canada, and in other venues. More recently, on April 24th, 2023, the Malones announced that they are writing a new book titled PsyWars: The 21st Battlefield, adding to the importance of this new twist in this approach to the psychology of the “masses” and who or what controls them.

Dr. Malone titled his talk “Fifth Generation Warfare and Sovereignty.” The speech might have been called: “A Demonstration of Fifth Generation Warfare.” Malone employed many of the very techniques that he suggests within his presentation that are being used by covert individual forces today. He completed his speech by urging his audience of 800 attendees to become Fifth Generation warriors.

Malone urged his audience, “Okay, learn these methods; you learn the defensive and the offensive techniques.” He seemed to be asking people to become high-tech manipulators and psychological terrorists in the mold of psyops warriors.

What is Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW)

Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW) is a term used in military circles to describe the current era of psychological/propaganda warfare. The phrase describes techniques using communication, art, propaganda, and psychology in any medium to influence the receivers of the message. It is specifically taught and used within military and intelligence communities and many government agencies. It is used in digital and legacy communication mediums, new and old.

Digital mediums and especially social media outlets have increased the potential power and reach of 5GW, although the influence of the techniques has been a part of life ever since the serpent whispered to Eve, “Don’t tell Adam.” In fact, if sex is the oldest occupation of humans, then gossiping is the second oldest occupation, and is an example of Fifth Generation Warfare.

Psyops Is Not Honest or Genuine Communication

Psyops or Fifth Generation Warfare differs in its purpose and intended outcome from what might be called honest, forthright, or sincere communication. Psyops is the opposite of giving an individual informed consent. In order to give informed consent, an individual must be free of coercion and must be provided the necessary information to make a rational decision based on their own independent reasoning. In other words, informed consent aims at providing the education and conditions for making a voluntary decision.   

Psyops, by contrast, is coercive and calculated to result in a predetermined response or decision. It can employ fear, guilt, shame, anxiety, deceit, lying, misrepresentation — and indeed any conceivable manipulation. It is closely related to what the Chinese Communists call “unrestricted warfare,” where success trumps all other considerations, such as ethics or the law.

As we described in COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey, we have all been exposed to this kind of psyops in the global effort to make everyone in the world take the genetic vaccines. Children have been told to get vaccinated to save their grandparents. Adults have been forced to choose between taking the vaccines or losing their employment, or their ability to enroll in school. Information on vaccine harms have been hidden or misrepresented. In academic fields, including science and medicine, vigorous debate and opposing or alternative perspectives have been suppressed.   

The First Amendment, freedom of speech, is key to a functioning republic of well-informed individuals, while Fifth Generation Warfare is key to destroying the public’s ability to make informed decisions, instead forcing people into predetermined, uninformed, and coerced decision-making.

5G Warfare Aims to Manipulate Thoughts and Attitudes

The overriding function of 5GW is not to impart information; It is to influence, control, and overwhelm one’s enemy and intimidate, silence, demoralize and destroy all opposition. This is “best” done to a population unaware of being targeted. LTG Michael Flynn, in his new book on the subject, The Citizen’s Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare, by Michael Flynn and Boone Cutler, describe these efforts in their chapter “Inside the strategy and tactics of 5GW is manipulation of thoughts and attitudes without people’s awareness.”

Psychologists, advertising executives, politicians, public relations professionals, media, and military members have been using communication techniques to influence and sway individuals and groups throughout history. The fliers printed during the American Revolution, the government posters from WW II, and the ‘winning hearts and minds’ strategies of the Middle East conflicts are all examples.

As a part of his deceptive presentation, Malone fails to mention General Flynn and the General’s new book, thus framing Malone himself as the new 5G Warfare expert while co-opting General Flynn’s position as the leading expert.

Aspects of Fifth Generation Warfare include propaganda, spin, repetitiveness, mystery, anger, fear inducement, and other techniques. Applying 5GW can be as simple as using the phrase “my great friend” in order to enhance one’s status and to emphasize influence. Some of the most recent complicated 5GW campaigns are those aimed at censoring any criticism of COVID “vaccines.”

Dr. Malone Has Used 5GW Techniques Before

Malone’s Stockholm speech is not the first time he has employed Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW) techniques. His Substack columns offer many examples.

Epidemiologist Paul Alias Alexander, Ph.D., is a Former Senior Advisor to Trump’s COVID Task Force and Former Advisor to WHO. He has courageously revealed in a  recent substack column that during the Senate hearing that brought some of the top COVID critical scientists together, Dr. Malone was denigrating Dr. Peter Breggin, who was not present. Dr. Alexander reported:

“I personally heard him, Malone, at a Senate meeting in Washington D.C. verbally ridiculing and smearing the Breggins to other scientists present. They were not there to defend themselves as he bragged about his lawsuit of $25 million against Dr. Peter Breggin and what he was doing against them. We run in similar circles. I was surprised he would do that in the Senate building (we were called there by Senator Johnson to discuss COVID and issues), and he was talking about his lawsuit on [the] Breggins as if it were a joke and a game, a sport, with listeners standing around enjoying a laugh. He poisoned the well, so to speakHe was trying to get the listeners to agree with him, yet they had no idea about the minutia. He was bragging, and it repulsed me. A joke on Dr. Breggin, who has done more for America and this movement than Malone could ever do?” [italics added.]

Weaponizing America’s Legal System in a Chilling Fashion

The filing of the $25 million-dollar alleged defamation lawsuit against defendants, including Peter R. Breggin MD and Ginger Ross Breggin, and Dr. Jane Ruby, is an example of the 5GW tactic of lawfare. This is Fifth Generation Warfare using the legal system. After running past the allotted 90-day period for serving us with the suit, Malone received several automatic court extensions, thus continuing to brandish the lawsuit like a sword over our heads, as well as the heads of other critics, without actually having its merit tested in court.   

With only three days to go before the suit was set to expire, Dr. Peter Breggin was hospitalized with what doctors diagnosed as COVID pneumonia, and it was announced on the internet that he was very ill. At that most vulnerable time, with the entire Breggin household very ill with COVID, Malone executed service of his $25 million alleged defamation lawsuit on the Breggins at their private home. Because of the illness, Dr. Breggin did not consider that Malone had only a few days left to serve him, or that Malone or anyone else would take advantage of his being ill. That kind of thinking required the mindset of an advocate of Five G Warfare.

No Further Intimidation

We have decided to stop being intimidated. Before we were served, it had become increasingly clear that the filed $25 million dollar lawsuit is a tactic to shut down the free speech of the Breggins and to intimidate everyone else into silence as well while Malone tries to fulfill his public and political ambitions free from contrary opinions by other health freedom advocates and physicians. But all that is coming to an end now with many new people researching and writing about Robert Malone and who he really is.

A $25 Million Lawsuit is Chilling to Free Speech

Freedom fighters and thought leaders all over the world have watched the Malone legal actions against the Breggins unfold and continue to follow its progress, demonstrating its influence in suppressing free thought, free speech, and the free exchange of ideas in the public squares, both physical and digital.

Dr. Malone has extensively criticized, attacked, and exercised tactics of lawfare in threatening legal actions like cease-and-desist letters and demand letters against other thought leaders and activists in the freedom movement.

Even when the lawfare exists only in the form of verbal or written threats of legal actions, the threats themselves cast a deep chill over any critical intellectual discussion on topics that Malone may find offensive.

The letters force thought leaders to withhold criticism of the angry and threatening “member of the freedom movement” and influence them not to evaluate or discuss any topics he has decided to claim as his own.  For the vast majority of potential critics, it is easier not to speak about topics Malone may find offensive rather than to risk being sued for more money than one can imagine

Techniques of Fifth Generation Warfare Employed in the Malone Presentation

Dr. Malone’s Stockholm Speech Ironically Illustrates many examples of Fifth Generation Warfare. His complete Stockholm speech, the video and the transcript, can be found here.

Malone’s speech, while allegedly describing Fifth Generation Warfare, is actually leveling that warfare against the audience who came to this conference seeking solutions and hope in the face of the brutal and deadly totalitarian oppression that has swept the world.  Here are some examples:

  1. Apologize for speaking so “strongly and frankly” before saying anything else. This places listeners on edge. “…what I want to talk about is some sensitive stuff, some strong language.”

  2. Express your own “anxiety” over the ‘dangerous topic.’ “My mouth is getting dry talking about these things. I do feel a little passionate.”

  3. Create mystery around the subject you are examining. “Fifth Generation Warfare is a war of information and perception. A strange game, the only winning move is not to play.” (But ironically, he will later say that they should fight this war, without saying here that the only way to win is to not play. Confusing contradictory statements that can stifle action are common in Malone’s presentations are a characteristic of Fifth Generation Warfare.]

  4. Define it as being NEW and very complex. “We’re in a new information ecosystem.”… “It’s a new technology space for protest movements.”

  5. Say that Fifth Generation Warfare is diffuse, decentralized and completely hidden from sight. “who’s the puppet master? Behind the COVID crisis? Have we as we’ve experienced it, who is it? Anybody here? No. Was it Klaus? No, there’s something above Klaus. Was it Biden? Was it Tony Fauci? These are all surrogates. Okay. You don’t really know who is managing the message that has been propagated on you. That’s Fifth Generation Warfare.” Obscuring the real enemies is another classic Malone manner preventing action against the globalists.

  6. Declare the real world obsolete. “The world that many of us believed existed no longer exists if it ever did.” At minute 22:33  Dr. Malone says “We talked about sovereign autonomous nation states; those are being treated as obsolete now.”

  7. Make the audience think they are ignorant. “Understand the Milgram experiment and the Asch experiment. These have demonstrated the ability to manipulate the human mind and human behavior in ways that are far beyond what we assimilate within our own souls…”

  8. Refer to deeply hidden, powerful and dangerous entities now threatening to citizens. “The Five Eyes Alliance, this security consortium, okay. They share data among each other and when they are prohibited from acting against their own citizens. They have reciprocal arrangements so that for instance, MI5 [British Intelligence agency] acts against the United States citizens, CIA, NSA, and other US agencies act against UK citizens. This is this reciprocal Five Eyes Alliance it is the most powerful intelligence organization in the world and it’s largely dominating global politics…”

  9. Declare that those national entities meant to protect citizens are now turned against citizens. “…militaries all over the western world have been deployed against us they’re the ones that have been managing all this propaganda we’ve been subjected to.”  While  there is some truth to this, it does not look the military to the global cabals including the military-industrial complex, the banks, the UN and WHO, the Chinese Communist Party etc.

  10. Speak in complete but highly threatening generalities. “…. these people are trained to manipulate your mind.”

  11. Tell people that there are many attempts to destroy an organization by spreading rumors or unsubstantiated accusations about others in the group with no specifics. Speak in generalities always.  Meanwhile, Malone himself has been attacking many leading members of the organization.

  12. Use beauty and other aesthetics to emphasize your message, in art, in film, in song. Dr. Malone uses a short film featuring filmmaker Mikki Willis who carries forward Malone’s message and further demonstrates methods of propaganda. Willis has been known to reach out to critics of Malone to convince them it’s all a misunderstanding.

  13. The film Malone features blames the group (listeners) themselves for their problems “…As the lies bloom, like worker bees, well intentioned citizens pollinate the masses with poisonous disinformation.  What the gossiping bees fail to realize is that they themselves are doing the work of controlled opposition.” This is truly ironic and hypocritical.  As we quoted earlier from Dr. Alexander, and as we have heard from others, Malone himself regularly gossips about those he wishes to disable from criticizing him or those from whom he feels unwanted competition.  More psych-ops by Malone.

  14. The film tells the audience that they do not understand their own minds “…there are forces at work who understand the functionalities of your mind far better than you do.  Their goal is total control.”

  15. While indicating there are hidden forces, the narrator declares we must stand united!  “It is unity that will save our communities.” Indicate we only have each other and that we should follow Malone.   Unity under one leader is not what we will save us because unity requires bullying people into submission as Malone is doing.  Freedom and especially freedom of speech will save our communities.

  16. The film Introduces negative emotions. It induces shame or guilt. The narrator declares that the listeners have a flaw—in this example, pride, that they need to “humble” themselves. Belittles judgement of listeners. “We’ve been like toddlers. We’ve been fooled, lied to, scammed.” This is not empowering; it is shaming—the most suppressive and controlling emotional assault.

  17. The narrator never hints that the solutions to totalitarianism include identifying the global entities and standing up to them in defense of constitutional democracy and individual freedom. Instead, he urges listeners to identify ourselves as vulnerable and weak. “Frankly, if you want to operate effectively in this space, I argue you have no other alternative other than humility. You have to acknowledge your ignorance…”  This is a further call to be docile and to follow him.  It is not characteristic of a free people but of victims of abuse and totalitarianism.  Dr. Breggin has witnessed this result in state mental hospitals and in East Berlin before the wall came down.  Dr. Breggin’s strongly opposing opinions expressed in many writings including COVID-19 and the Global Predators may be why he was the first to have an actual suit filed against him. Also, we have provided much of the information about the global predators which Malone avoids getting too specific about, we believe, in his efforts to deflect criticism of those in power.

  18. Dr. Malone wraps his presentation by proposing the deceptive Fifth Generation Warfare tools be used to try to overcome the totalitarians. He urges his listeners and viewers to fight manipulation with manipulation, evil with evil. For many of us this requires a deep compromise of our life-long values.  In using deceptions, we become so much like those who have stolen our liberties that there is no longer anyone to fight. Dr. Malone concludes saying “…learn these methods, you learn the defensive and the offensive techniques. And I’m glad to continue to try to help you as we walk along this path and become a force to be reckoned with, which will be able to overcome the globalist efforts to control and turn us into indentured servants. I thank you so much for your time. I hope this has been helpful. And thank you for walking the journey with me.”

Once again, the directions are confusing and demoralizing. We are supposed to study and employ these unethical methods against other people? Does he not see the obvious ethical and political conflicts in behaving like the enemy? Does he not see the demoralizing effects on ourselves from deceiving, manipulating, and intimidating other people?  In our opinion, Dr. Malone, or those who guide him in this work, are fully aware of how confusing and paralyzing his various guidelines become as he weaves his psyops web.

Malone is literally inviting the people to become his personal psyops army. Notice the patronizing tone as he says, “And I am glad to continue to try to help you as we walk along this path,” and how his last word is “me,” a focus one can find throughout his substack.

We now know that Malone’s emphasis on Fifth Generation Warfare aims at establishing new credentials for himself and is paving the way for the release of his next book titled PsyWar. Earlier, Malone tried to establish himself with the concept of “mass formation psychosis,” labeling and diminishing people with a diagnosis of extreme mental illness. That has now morphed into the people becoming a mass of children bewitched by magical Fifth Generation Warfare, from which he will rescue them while training them to use the techniques against his critics, including us.

We Must Embrace and Live by Our Moral Values

Instead of using deception and manipulation, we must define ourselves as free men and women. We must defend liberty and freedom and reclaim it where it has been stolen. Every slight theft must be rejected. Losses of freedom and liberty must be identified and rebuffed.

Americans, and free citizens everywhere, need to remind ourselves of the fundamentals that have provided us with freedoms and contrast our former freedoms with the last three years of totalitarianism.

We need to return to the Founding documents of our formerly free countries that provide protection and liberty to all individuals. In the United States, we need to remember our Constitution and Bill of Rights and our long and storied shared history of brave Founders, citizens, and leaders who embraced liberty for every individual and embraced the citizen responsibilities that come with our liberty.

We need to re-embrace our traditional values of honesty, courage, and responsibility, and we must not demoralize or demean ourselves by using manipulations and lies to obtain our ends at the expense of others. Our nation was founded by heroes who embraced truth, honesty, forthrightness, and the principles of the Ten Commandments, as well as fear and love of God. We must reclaim their spirit for ourselves and make America once again a beacon of truth.

We Do Not Need A Shepherd

We do not need to be frightened, nor do we need to be led like sheep by someone who wants to be our shepherd. We need strong and honest leaders answerable to us. We need leaders who love America, love freedom, and love and respect our fellow citizens. We need leaders who would never frighten or demean us but instead inspire us to stand up for liberty. Those who would demean and degrade us, citizens of free countries, must be openly identified and opposed.

First published on AmericaOutLoud.com.

Primary author Ginger Ross Breggin. She and her husband, Peter R. Breggin MD, are the authors of the bestselling new book COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey, with introductions by top COVID-19 scientists and physicians, Peter A. McCullough MD, MPH; Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD; and Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko MD.’

Peter and Ginger Breggin Exposing the Global Predators
Malone Becomes a Fifth Generation Warrior – But Who Is the Enemy?
Robert Malone, MD, self-acclaimed inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology, delivered a speech to a reported crowd of 800 souls in Stockholm, Sweden, on January 21st, 2023. His subject was psychological warfare, in the past referred to as psyops or psychological operations and now as Fifth Generation Warfare. Dr. Malone appeared to be perfecting a new st…
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