Malone, Breggin, McCullough update meeting: we held a high level sensitive meeting last night with players (doctors & scientists) from Malone's camp & TWC's camp; conclusion of the conclave was that

by Paul Alexander

and in good faith (tacit lead by Dr. Urso & Dr. Alexander) was that TWC (The Wellness Company) will try to bridge Malone-McCullough divide & Urso et al. will try to bridge the Malone-Breggin split

We went away in good faith, all had a spirited discussion and we will seek now very strongly to fix the divide so that the Freedom Movement can break bread in unity and swim in one lake. We have one enemy, namely the enemy of the people to slay and so we must be united especially to help re-install the greatest POTUS, namely 45, aka POTU Trump. Fingers crossed we can bridge divides and we agreed, people need not like each other even, need not even speak to each other as we go towards the goal, but we must cease all responses and attacks on each other. I am committed. I will maintain mine and others have committed. We move forward in good faith. Thank you Urso and Cole and Gessling et al.

I will work with Dr. Malone in the future. It is imperative we work this out.

I am also calling on EPOCH to grant Dr. Breggin an interview please, it will help re-establish your independence media prominence. The only person I think capable of this is Jan of EPOCH, that type of gravitas and stature.

God bless you all!