Malone, its time for you to remove, drop your ill-advised lawsuits by your assassinine lawyer on Breggins and Jane Ruby; you made a huge mistake that cost you gravitas & likeability; not too late, do

by Paul Alexander

the right thing & remove these suits as there is no basis; hurt feelings can be mended; you maligned many & done damage to the entire COVID freedom movement with threats & suits; you chilled speech

but you will need figure that out, I am only saying, you can begin by removing these suits and fire that knucklehead bonehead of a lawyer…an idiot and moron on the best of day…

Ruby and Breggins have done more to save lives than you ever could, given they did not bring technology etc. that has caused the deaths around is. You did.


Ruby and Breggin are good people, true American patriots. Ginger Breggin is a matriarch of this nation in a sense, a technical matriarch, trying to safeguard us and inform and she has been in the fight even way before COVID lies.

so let us accept who did what, and pull back and we forgive, find mercy, compassion, gracious mercy, and we shake hands, commit to forge forward to battle the malfeasant wrongdoers. Let us not let it go on much longer as the wounds may not heal. Act now!

we welcomed you (I did) even as you emerged from nowhere but the movement is broken on accounts of you, folk like me and McCullough etc. will fight on and we do make a difference but we can do much more effective work unified! the malfeasants are amping up for the winter with seeming lockdowns and pushing boosters underpinned by your mRNA technology….can you explain that to us, to Del? it is time. you hate many of us and we dislike you too, both ways….sorry, you did that….so we don’t need to like you or you like us, thats sand box crap, what we do need is respect and honesty and to work together to get the task done which is saving lives, doing good by America.

You will need deal with your God one day for what you and Weissman and Kariko et al. did with the death technology you all brought, thats your fever to sweat for.

In the mean time, this ‘low level Trump’ employee as you like to say as you refer to me ha ha ha, not discussing that it is on my back and Ladapo’s and McCullough’s and Risch’s and Oskoui’s and Ardis’s etc., our backs, that you stand on…that you benefitted from…this low level person will contine calling on you and the 19 other Horsemen to account for your mRNA deadly work and theirs, their COVID response lunacy, given it is our tax payer money that enriched you…people like you, all of you 20…there is no moratorium on that. We need answers and yes, from you!