Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al. & their deadly mRNA technology used in COVID gene shots; are we really looking at 3 arsonists who pretend to be firefighters? Or firefighters who really are arsonists?

by Paul Alexander

What do you think? We face harms & deaths due to the mRNA technology based gene injection and we have the 'inventors' running around seeking $ 'we invented' but distance from harms! is that right?

I am a fair person, I call for full openness, transparency, proper judicial inquiry, proper judges and tribunals, legal, with all rights respected but we must investigate these characters, they should not be fetted or lauded or given any stage, any $, their mRNA technology was bogus, a tax-payer fleece, rape of the tax payer, see where all that money went, investigate, the work was never needed, was unsafe, untested, turned deadly in animal models and should have never ever been foisted onto humans.

Firefighter or arsonist? I say both.

Benefitted on upside and downside. They must be hauled in front of proper congressional hearings under oath to explain their mRNA technology and what went wrong and why to this date, not one has offered a ‘fix’ or antidote, yet parading with a dog and pony ring circus daily, talking a whole load of drivel and crap about things irrelevant to us.

I have no respect for any of these people, they have benefitted on the tax payer and caused death. And they seem oblivious to it or seem to be drunk in the tax payer money they fleeced over decades. Investigate and make them account for every dollar for the results e.g. the mRNA technology, is deadly and has killed and you know this.