Malone knew mRNA technology based gene injections were NOT safe, he invented it, he knew it did not stay in injection site, he knew it reverse transcribed, he knew it was deadly, he stayed silent

by Paul Alexander

IMO, if you want to blame Fauci & Bourla & Collins & Kariko & Bancel & Baric and all of these people, then you must include Malone; IMO the harms & deaths due to the mRNA technolgy rests on Malone too

Malone must answer to COVID vaccine deaths, as must Fauci and Baric and Francis Collins and all of them. Malone gets no pass!

It is better you stopped calling out Fauci et al. Stop, if Malone is getting a pass, let them all retire and go their way! Stop being a blatant two-faced hypocrite!

I place the post mRNA technology based COVID gene injection deaths at the feet of Malone and those like him who brought this mRNA technology. Malone said he invented the underlying mRNA technology that he boasted about and his lackies, and as such, he has to answer questions (he should, don’t you think) especially on why he was silent for so long on the harms and how it worked and why he knew it should have not been used in humans yet ‘went along’ and why he and others benefitted on the upside and then seek to benefit now on the downside when the sh*t has hit the fan; Malone ‘definitively demonstrated that the existing mRNA and DNA vaccines were too dangerous for experimentation on humans.’

Yet was silent for too long on the deadliness of the core mRNA technology he invented. Too much time had passed, he knew yet was silent.

I also do not believe he took the shot.

I have no issue with him personally, I just find him hard to believe and trust on this vaccine or any aspect of it or on anything COVID (Malone lacks sufficient competence on public health, epidemiology, immunology, virology, and vaccinology IMO and IMO many of his public comments on these topics make no sense even to a novice ‘junior’ wannabe immunologist, virologist, vaccinologist like myself though I am heavily worked in the area and I can surely match wits), on anything COVID, especially mRNA technology, I find him very disengeneous and shifty, as he has had over 2 years and more to come clean and has only paraded around in a travelling ring circus and benefitted. IMO. Spoken to the public in circles. This is my opinion as a scientist. Call me names, call me what you wish, say I am inept, say anything, call me a fraud, as it is your right. We can debate, I can defend me if I wish. So can Malone. We need not sue each other. And you can try to take me out and cancel me, you will find you cannot. Cough cough **John** cough cough. Take your best shot John. The likes of you. You will find you will damge yourself more than you damage my name. I invite you. Takes your best shot. You money whoring pimps in the Freedom Movement. Stealing money from the unsuspecting public. Soon I will be naming names and deeds.

It is why I will not be part of his (Malone’s) and any of the ‘Freedom movement’ clown car show anymore, for it is a circus clown car, it is a money making scheme now. Not about the people and helping them, no. That is over. Now it is ‘get rich’ for COVID is dying.

So you have Malone arriving LATE on the scene saying “I invented mRNA technology” that is in the COVID vaccine, is and was the basis of the gene injection. Now to me, the first thing came to my mind is (as I was in agreement to allow him into the Freedom Movement we started since early 2020) ‘wow, this guy will now tell us lots on how it works and how to stop it’. Para. But no, we did not get that, no no, instead we got people hero worshiping and idol worshiping. We had people focused on creating a fake persona. For what? Over what? A man just told you he invented the mRNA technology aspect of the shot that is deadly and harming and killing you. Yet you did not think he has questions to answer?

How did that translate into lets give him fame and donate money? How? This boggles my mind. I find it shocking yet I now understood how the public was misled bigtime in COVID, how they acquiesed and fell so easily to the doctors and government mandated lockdowns and masks and the COVID shot, unquestioning. Even vaccinating their zero risk children who had a vanishingly small risk of severe outcome or death from COVID. How easily people fell to the lockdown lunacy. It is as if they must believe someone, must believe in something, grasping at something, or hoping someone would tell them the truth and answers.

I now get how ‘trusting’ people were of those in authority. Of anyone seeming in authority. In this COVID fraud. It is as if they cannot think critically. Malone IMO appears to have preyed on that, with others. He knew people were ‘trusting’ for he came around telling us by dropping names, places he worked, knowing CIA people and his billions in grant money (forgot to mention its tax payer money, your money) and blah blah blah. I knew day one this guy was a blowhard. He knows that he has bull shitted the public and he got some doctors (most I grew to know and really liked and cannot say anything bad about them save they are weak people in search of an idiol) to go along and help create a fake persona that is not real. And they did it for the want of fame and money, ‘to come’. All of this is about shout outs and photos and gatherings etc. to see how each benefit off each other. It is so very repulsive. It is not about the damaged public. Malone IMO has really said lots but really said nothing. He has given the public who badly trusted and wanted truth, he gave them nothing. The public got nothing. But he/they benefitted with fame and money. I cannot believe how people fell for this. Well now I could but it so surprises me.

How could the inventor of the mRNA technology that is killing us be invited to speak to tell us that it is dangerous yet you do not question him on his role, why he did it, how does it work, how to stop the mechanism of action? That you do not realize that he (and other lab scientists in this mRNA technology research) is/are partly responsible for the disaster we have been through with the gene injection. Where is the antidote etc.? How come nothing? I cannot understand this. I am so outraged by this con dropped onto the public, that I take 3 showers a day to rid myself of the fact that I was part of his/their groups for a bit. I feel so very ashamed. I failed the public. I am so sorry. I helped portray a lie. Malone, them, its a lie! IMO. The persona. Until he addresses the questions and ceases suing people and acusing them of defaming him when they ask legitimate questions and raise issues, in their own bumbling stumbling outraged way, then he is a lie! This whole thing is a big fat fraud! Many are frauds IMO.

I call on Malone to fix this! Stand up now! Do the right thing, help us fix this! Stop the parading and the benefit to you. Don’t say your substack is free, you know many pay to subscribe. Yes we know of their free will, as they do for all our stacks. Yours is not unique. And stop saying you pay to travel to go to shows. Great you could pay, some of us drive thousands of miles to go do shows and we do not even get paid for that, as we cannot fly about like you. Good for you that you could afford to fly. We drive. We all know this for we are part of the model. You do as if the public is that stupid.

The virus was a fraud (exactly what it is and when released, how released, where etc.), the pandemic was a fraud (never was a pandemic), the lockdown lunatic reponse was a fraud, the vaccine was a fraud (failed out of the gate and was never ever needed and it is deadly), all of it, and even parts of the COVID Movement is a fraud!

Yes, I just said that, parts of the Movement is a fraud, a fat lie, preying on you because they know you are vulnerable and in search of answers, that you are harmed and hurt and want answers.

It is something that exists only to take money from you! There are people in the Movement who think you the public are stupid idiots. In search of a hero to hold onto. They trot out people like Malone and others and create this persona and interest based on NOTHING, and you fall for it, so they could make you part with your money with ease. And they do! Putting on shows. To get into your pocket.

Why? I feel so sorry and hurt for the public for they just wanted help. They trusted. They were harmed by the lockdowns and the gene injection and sought answers to help them. Many have taken advantage of them, many ‘projects’, many ‘entities’ only set up to make money and enrich themselves. It is plain to see. And I am very sorry and I apolagize for those people who did that and are doing that! I am very sorry that the public is advantaged that way. The public is the only one to have lost in all of this.

Yes, many have taken advantage of a trusting loving people, a public that only seeks answers and to get well.

I am always available for Malone to debate, anyplace, anytime, any manner, any forum, any interviewers (we each can chose one) but one stipulation, it must be ‘live’ and no edits and no pre-questions. Raw, it must be raw and the public must have ‘call in’. No time delays to edit. Moreover, Malone does not need to debate me, for the key is to get him to answer serious questions. Not necessarily with me. So I will want any other to debate him yet same conditions as above.

Come on Robert, lets get it on!

And not because you created a persona and fell for the persona (you the COVID movement ‘media’, so called ‘media’), not because you created it for money and fame and ego, for the travelling show, for the ring circus, not because of that, means you are right; you seem to not understand that it is the mRNA technology in the gene shot that Malone said he invented, that is the reason we have the harms and deaths, you live in a la la land with the travelling show and you refuse to ask the right questions; you seem to be under ‘mass formation’ psychosis, seems it was played on you! IMO Malone must be called under oath (with others involved in mRNA technology and vaccine, people like Bourla, Bancel etc.) in the congress to answer serious questions and yes, he now says it can go into the meat supply blah blah blah, yet, it is his/your technolgy, so talk about the harms of it and how to stop it; he has failed over these years to tell us, to tell us how to stop the mRNA effects, an antidote, something, anything; so the deaths IMO are on him and all involved! IMO.

Yes I just said that, Malone and those like him who brought this mRNA technology and gene injection vaccine, have the deaths that occurred due to the shot, on their hands. Malone cannot be absolved or gain fame over something that is so very harmful. I find it incredible that this charade and game and show has lasted this long.

Scientist to scientist, if it’s his invention, and it causes deaths as we see and you say, as you trot out the CDC’s VAERS daily hammering it, showcasing the deaths due to the shots, then you are really talking about Malone’s work, are you not? Should he not answer? How could you be calling Fauci and Birx and Francis Collins and Azar etc. all kinds of derogatory names and calling them out, and accusing them of killing people (I agree) yet be silent on Malone? You are a hypocrite and you know it, and we know why…it’s called ‘Green back Boggey’. MONEY! Do not call for investigations and jailing or Fauci et al. if you are silent on Malone and Kariko and Weissman et al.’s roles. All persons linked to the vaccine, from mRNA all the way, must be investigated.

And you out there, you lackies, you ‘agencies’, you scams, for thats what you are, scams, who hang on in the hopes of money, you money whores, your pimps in the Freedom Movement, we know who you are, I was involved with you, remember, deeply, you make the mistake and come at me in the media for this post, remember, I can and will hit you back, be careful with me, I don’t play your pink poissy hat game! I will punish you in media as you try to hurt me in media. If you wage a media jihad on me, I will return it in kind. If you slander my name, I will return it. If you smear me, I will smear you back. Do not attack me on behalf of Malone. Just do the right thing, by starting to ask him real questions for once!

It is simple to me, I want Malone to answer questions and to help save lives, he has not done so to date! His mRNA technology killed people. He must answer in proper forums! He does not get a pass! He has failed in doing what was needed to be done to mitigate the risk from his mRNA technology! He has failed the public and I talk as a scientist. I find it repulsive the show and games and no one is getting serious about this by asking the right questions.

And you idiots out there, don’t write me or call me saying I made a typo. I don’t care. This is not an English paper and I am angry too and I am allowed to make typos in my anger. When I want to edit something and write to publish in a book or medical paper, I will edit or I may call you, NOT!