Malone (mainly), Kariko, Weissman etc. the inventors of mRNA technology that underpins the deadly COVID gene injections wanted the fame from claiming he invented mRNA technology but did not want to

by Paul Alexander

deal with and discuss the part that it is fatal & causing harms! I will be punishing in that regard, he has to be held accountable to defend what he did! Malone et al. must sit in a court under oath

Fame, but no accountability. Money, but no accountability. Dog and pony show but no accountability. Suing everyone, but no accountability.

People came to me whispering, “Paul, just kiss up brother, make nice, don’t pummel him, you have grounds but don’t, don’t side with Ruby or Breggin, don’t defend McCullough or Stew etc. Stop and he will back off and those ‘Projects’ and places that doxed you and cut you off due to your pummelling his deadly mRNA technology, the donor support will return. Just don’t write about his deadly mRNA technology and all will be well. You got to do what the other doctors and academic scientists do, as weak and spineless and grotesque their integrity is, they just stay quiet, its not that they fear him, its that the donor money etc. will dry up. They do not wish to be sued. Do you want to be sued Paul”? and I get this near daily.

I said to them, phuck off! Phuck you and phuck Malone and his dog and pony. History will record him for just what he is and was, a fraud. And if he did invent the mRNA technology, then history will hold him to account in proper legal settings for he then did kill people with his ‘invention’. It was the driver.

I have heard that Malone and his lawyer the idiot fool, are desperate for me to stop asking questions of Kariko and Weissman and Malone, linking Malone to the mRNA technology COVID gene injections and the deaths. But who else do I link? Did Bobby Kennedy cause these deaths? Did McCullough? Did Risch? No, it was Robert Malone and his technology. Was it Del? No, Del is a reporter, he did not bring death. Was it Jan? No, Jan is a reporter, he did not bring death. They are only guilty of failing to interview Malone properly. But they did not bring death. It was Malone and his co-inventors.

Word is from within Malone’s camp (ssshhh, don’t tell him he has snitches in his camp who tell us all at all times) have been trying to find any way to sue TWC out of envy that they could not accomplish what TWC has, in terms of neutraceuticals and telehealth medicine etc., and are inept and stupid and incompetent baboons. I heard that. I hope not true. I hope that was just gossip. But with Malone’s idiotic moronic lawyer, anything is possible. He will sue Jesus if he could for being the son of God. He is that imbecilic.

First, I don’t not like Malone and Kariko etc., it’s just they caused too much harm and benefitted and parade about as though they did good when they are the cause of the harms from the vaccine. I like Malone, I just do not respect him. His arrogance and hubris and assumptions. He stayed silent when the shot was rolled out and had he told the truth and all he knew, many would have not taken it and would be alive today. He failed to try to bring an antidote to his death technology.

IMO, Malone must be called with Kariko, Sahin, Weissman, Bourla, Bancel et al. into proper legal settings and under oath, to answer to his actions. If he can make a good defense then that is great. But like for all who did wrong in COVID, IMO, if Malone’s mRNA technology work and his silence and his actions with the other IMO deadly people, costed lives and helped bring a deadly vaccine, and they were silent and made money (e.g. patents or otherwise, to be shown or not of course), then he too must be stripped of his money and horses and even imprisoned. Anyone, regardless that we stood on stage together, who did wrong in COVID, from lockdowns to vaccine, must face jail time, criminally prosecuted if a judge and jury rules this, not you or I. Only in proper legal forums. If they show they were above board, we walk on. But if proper inquiry shows they did wrong and juries and judges decide that, then they must pay, Malone and all. But only with proper juries and judges.

Malone when he reads this and he does, will start spitting, and run around trying to find some boxers and hopefully burrow a testicle from Urso and one from Cole since he got none when our Lord was giving out testicles. He can’t get any from Littell as he has none given his sleezy underhanded backstabing move on me. I am sure he has none. Oh btw, those who say ‘hey Paul, take it easy on John”, I will reply ‘I cannot, he hit me, I never interfered with Johnny boy, and when you want to play with big dogs Johnny boy, you best know what you are doing.’


I may be an island boy with an accent, but well capable of handling you.

And Malone’s stupid inept inane and vacuous moronic lawyer will then say

‘Roberto, let’s sue Alexander, he is hitting you too hard, we got to get him to stop tying the deaths post mRNA shots to you though Robert, he is 100% correct, your work has killed people, their blood is on your hands and he is right when he questions you on reverse transcription, DNA plasmids, vaccine content leaving injection site, duration of existence of spike, mRNA, subunits 1, LNP etc. in cells and tissue (in germinal cells, ovaries etc.) post shot etc. etc. etc. and maybe we could sue TWC he supports though we will be making a legal mistake since the words are Alexander’s. Maybe we can incite one of your supporters to harm him? His family? You shared photos etc. We pretty much went that route in the Twitter, did we not Robert?

Robert you know Alexander is right, you did bring death and your technology with Kariko (who said you are a fraud) has and is killing people. But let’s sue him like we did Breggin and Ruby wrongfully, and possible Stew et al. Lets. It will shut them up and scare others into submission too. It will continue to help chill discussion and any debate and get people who are asking real legitimate 100% questions of your death technology to shut up and hide in fear that you will retaliate in some manner, well you know Robert, the donors, and the way it works. You know what I mean Robert.

Yeah, lets sue Alexander for he is dropping bombs on you Robert and he has prosecuted the case in the media that you and Kariko, that nutcase who said you threatened her and that you are a fraud, that you all with Wisemann brought death and your work has killed people, used by Pfizer and Moderna. He is fearless and hurting your brand Robert, you know, the dog and pony show, that we put on for donor money, you know the stupid masses still so stupid, the ring circus with the sycophantic doctors who don’t have a life and walk behind you in circles. Parotting your drivel. Robert, even I your lawyer think youare full of shit. A fraud. I your lawyer think you are a fraud.

So let us sue Alexander for he is striking deep into enemy territory and over the target and I am afraid he will not stop. That guys wants answers and truth and we can’t give it, and we cannot let you be questioned for you will eff this thing we have going up. So we will sue to tamp down Alexander. See who we have chilled the debate near 100%, no one will question you and we even have EPOCH, Del, CHD carrying your water, heads up their ass them too depending on donor moeny and afraid to ask you anything. I think we can damage Alexander if we sue him. Do I get your o.k., Robert?’

My reply will be, please please please Malone, bring a suit, let’s enter the legal forum where even this substack will be evidence and will last 1000 years and 1000 years from now people will read the fraud you are and were and the deadly mRNA technology you brought. They will read that you hid inside the COVID anti-lockdown movement ‘in your face’ so to speak, when you were the one bringing the fraud death technology within the shot. Maybe in the suit, we can finally get a number as to how much tax payer grant money you made over time. We will get many questions answered. Under oath. In a legal setting once and for all.

So folks, if I were a betting man, Malone will sue me and anyone like TWC etc. Soon. He has turned out to be irrelevant and with zero gravitas but horses. What they sought to do with a fake ‘I am the inventor of mRNA technology, I must be smart, so smart, oh I got billions in contracts blah blah blah vomitus’…persona fell flat. He is that much of a coward, a fraud, a petty little man, a petulent fraud, who hid inside the COVID movement for he knew his technology will be questioned for the death it is. Fascinating move Robert but we figured you out day one! You were always a fraud. Kariko told us this. Your own scientific colleague.

btw, once we go that route, the threatening acts you took on me will be subject to legal filings on my behalf. I will return in kind.

Oh what did you say Robert, Alexander is an idiot, inept, a fraud? Who cares. I am a fraud, you are one, we all are. Say all you wish. It’s water on a duck’s back to me. I could have sued you but did not. You were nonsensical and irrelevant to me. But if you do me, I will do you. Yikes, that did not sound right!

Who wants to wager me a law suit is coming?