Malone sent John Littell to tell me if I keep asking Malone the crushing mRNA questions I do, he will sue me; I say to Malone, take your best shot, we will return it in kind; you MUST answer questions

by Paul Alexander

Your Malone mRNA technology with Kariko & Weissman et al. has killed people! It is your technology & you must answer how you benefit & why you did not stop it, it's that simple, we just have questions

Sorry John, no deal.

Let me say I did consider Littell a friend and did work with him prior on the COVID fight.

I really appreciated John and liked him but again, another falls to the Malone fraud, the horses, the ranch, the package so to speak. The law suit threats, all of it.

This started when John Littell called me on the phone and praised me for the anti-lockdown and COVID vaccine work I have done and again thanked me for appearing at a COVID show in Florida with other doctors and scientists he put on and asked me to speak at, to end with Littell asking me to retract what I said about Malone’s testicles. Look, I wrote in a prior stack that when God was handing out testicles and put the call out, Malone did not get the memo for he is unwilling to face any questions on his deadly mRNA technology. Littell told me this outraged Malone. I stand by it.

So now John has gone and attacked me, this after he called me couple times to ask me, para ‘tell me Paul, how can you help bring people together and mend fences with Malone’…I left those calls thinking I would go talk to some folk to see if they can stand down from the filth Malone did to them and find it in them to step back. I thought I could make it work. Thinking John was legit. He was not. He has now proven so. He was a Trojan Horse in the calls with me.

So the way the Freedom movement operates is like sand box children, principally driven by getting donor money, not the well-being of the damaged public, no, this is money making period! I was part of this, the meetings, knowing what to say, how to say to bullshit the public, and what I saw and heard I pulled away near instant from various groups, focused on how to make you think they are sorry and feel the pain and suffering. All designed to get you to give them money. Its all a game. Few are genuine. They have decided to make money off of you. The perverse aspect is that certain ones e.g. Projects etc. got aligned with certain ones and if you raise questions about someone, then the group or entity attacks you. They decide time to cancel you. Certain folk are so deranged they attack anyone who questions Malone and this is ONLY about money, want of money.

So they attack me, threaten me, attack others like me, they tell me that Malone has donors wanting to pull their next installment if I don’t stop questioning him etc. I tell them shove it and up theirs. I will never ever stoop to that and I ask them, go ahead, try cancelling me. Go ahead. Remember, I worked in DC, I worked for the government, I faced the raw legacy media, and I am still here. I roll with the truth so go ahead. And I fight back. If you hit or smear me, I will hit and smear you back. We will talk after I hit and smear you back.

First, what should I do as to this issue with Littell? Let it stay hidden? Let John’s dirty work to damage me on behalf of Malone be hidden? Do I have the right to respond to your sordid action, John? You are damn right I do. I will respond by putting it in the media. And I am only just beginning to write. Yet why would you do that? Why would you move to harm me that way on behalf of Malone with all your ‘Jesus’ talk when I did not interfere with you? What hold does he have on you? Are you not a man? Do you not have a spine? Is the promise of money that great to you? Something? I do not know but will like to know. Have you no integrity? I have never hurt or disparaged you John in any way so why did you do this?

You have acted like many in this COVID Freedom movement who are simply grifters and grafters and frauds. Cold people, heartless people. Money hungry whores IMO. Not all, but many. Pimping off of COVID pain and unsuspecting public. I never thought of you as such. Why did you do this John? I am only responding this way for what you did sneakily is so terrible, folk who know what you did have said the worst things about you. To me. They are very surprised you would be so underhanded for Malone.

I only hope our Lord grants you some favor and you regain your senses.

I ask you one question: can you name one thing, one, just one, that Malone has done to benefit society as to COVID? Think carefully. You cannot. Would you say he is now warning us about mRNA technology that he invented and that is so deadly? Because he knows he should and could be on the hot seat? Would you not agree he has been hiding out within the COVID Freedom Movement and has fooled many, especially the media folk within the Movement?

And do not talk with me again using the terms ‘Jesus’ and ‘Christ’ etc. I was raised Christian catholic, the chistians I know do not go behind people’s backs trying to get them damaged and their livelihoods damaged. You are a snake, evil IMO for they came to me to tell me what you did John Littell. You like and support Malone, that’s fine, your choice and right, but to go behind my back to stab me, to damage my career? How dare you and you preach about Jesus? You are the hypocrite the bible writes about, the ‘empty tombs’, the ‘bottomless pits’, the ‘brooding vipers’. You shocked me, for I did fall for your ‘Jesus’ words. Yet Jesus reserved his harshest words for hypocrites like you.

When it was I on the front line day one, not Malone, fighting this COVID lunacy, it was I with Risch and McCullough and Oskoui and Ladapo et al. writing, not Malone, it was I with others in the Senate, it was I on the line with the Canadian Truckers, the US truckers, the Canadian Senate, walking with James Topp, it was I, I who wrote for EPOCH and Brownstone and AIER etc. to warn of lockdowns and masking and school closures and business closures and the costs to the lockdowns especially in terms of morbidity and mortality, it was I who wrote how we shifted the burden of mortality from the upper class, the zoom class, the cafe latte class to the poorer, marginalized, fringe society, women and children who could least afford to shiel…Not Malone…he came along to join our fight yet he attacked us, good people and you side with him? What did he give you John? You chose the side of an interloper Johnny come lately I argue, who is a usurper who hides within the Freedom Movement for he knows he did wrong with this dangerous colleagues with his mRNA technology and is hiding, won’t take proper questions by real reporters, imagine that, hiding in plain sight and the Freedom movement media will not question him for they benefit from donor money…it stinks John and I want no part of that.

I reminded you not for praise, but to ask you what are you thinking? Why work with Malone to destroy good people e.g. McCullough etc. and the Breggins, who were on the front lines day one and lost near all. I did also. Because they see his fraud? I/we am/are a scientist, I need to question, data and everything.

And claim to fame is he invented the very technology that has killed us, that is the basis that killed in the COVID vaccine. And no one asks him questions?

I await the US congress call to him and Kariko and Weissman to go to the house under oath to answer mRNA related questions. That have today not been asked. You cannot investigate the deadly vaccine if you do not question these people. They are the key.

I decided when I just heard of your deceitful move John Littell, going to people I work with scientifically to get them to distance themselves from me because I write about Malone, to then put this in writing to get some sunlight, because I love sunlight.

You stand for that? You try to destroy me over that? When I went to Miami courtesy of Malone and his COVID Global group (??) then to meet people claiming to be in pedophilia and crypto and linked, funding that COVID Global group? A group named DMED. Yes, people in those house parties set up for us, to wine and dine us, to join that filth, told me what they were about sideways and it scared me and outraged me that I went there. Took my family. I was fooled. I did not know the crypto world was a pedo world too. You stand for that? Do you want me to tell you what they told me in the posh Miami house Malone and DMED et al. fetted us in? Yes, I went there courtesy of Malone. And I warned him too, in writing too, about the crypto people he is linked to. He should distance himself from them. That world is pedo, filth, a scam, a ponzi scheme. Get away from it Malone, get away. They are no good. Will hurt your name.

This is why the likes of me and Risch and McCullough et al. ran from the COVID Global group and Malone and had nothing to do with it. Ran from the DMED group. Pedophilia was a term spoken once too much for my liking by the crypto folk I met, I would and did have zero to do with it.

When we go to court, we will table it all for the ‘forever’ public record so fire it up John, tell Roberto to sue me for asking him scientific questions no one else will. Let us enter a courtroom.

Malone knew the vaccine and its content did not stay at injection site yet was silent and people took it and died. You are ok with that, John Littell? Malone knew mRNA (his technology) reverse transcribed and impacts DNA forever and dangerously so. Are you ok with that too John? He knew there would be IgG4 tolerance? Ok with that John? He knew of impact to mitochondria, are you ok with that John? He knew how harmful it was and that it was never safety tested, yet was silent for too long, are you ok with that John? He knew that it had to be packaged in extracellular vehicles and exosomes and LNPs to then go all over the body. He knew, yet was silent. Are you ok with that John? If you have not seen his research on this, just write me, I will give it to you or better yet, ask Malone. He has sued the Breggins for essentially disagreeing with his theories and calling him out scientist to scientist, are you ok with that John?

But while at it, while you run now to Malone to discuss me, please stop going to people I know asking them to distance themselves from me. Stop harassing me and presenting QUID PRO QUO essential bribes to them. You did that and did not realize, you said if you distanced from Dr. Alexander, Malone will not sue you. So Malone wants to sue person X, yet tells them via you that if person X disowns me so I will stop writing about his fraud, he will not sue person X over a matter that has zero to do with me.

See the insanity John with that story above and it has happened repeatedly in this sorry grifting COVID Freedom Movement that has lost its way. Listing, now in panic for donor money for many will need go back to their sorry loser lives. And you tell me I may be alienating COVID fighters. What? I am calling out wrong but their heads up Malone’s ass for donor money and fame, corrupted fame, made up fame, and I am the wrong one? No no no John, my problem is I will not be part of the scam. I do not fear Malone and his fraud. The fraud. He (or some opportunistic grifters) created a persona that is a lie. And he benefitted and it is filthy. So if certain people decide to attack me for calling out Malone, please go ahead, and if they do, then I will reply. We will play it out in the media.

And stop quoting Jesus, you are not, IMO, what you appear to be. I was your friend, I worked with you, presented at your conferences you asked me to so you wanted me there, but now you are trying to harm my livelihood? Why John? Is that right John? Did I interfere with you? I did not. I never did you any wrong. You did to me and so the public will know you are a snake. IMO evil for what you did. You fell for the Malone travelling snake oil circus show.

Let me end John by saying I am a forgiving person and while I did you no wrong and I am simply gently responding to your filth, call me if you wish to talk.