Malone speech for RelCovax vaccine that he appears to be involved in; is this why he then came out against mRNA technology he invented? minute 22.01, Malone shows he is misunderstands natural

by Paul Alexander

immunity, then he says at minute 22.45 that developing nations need MORE vaccines, yet it is Africa etc. that took little mRNA-DNA COVID shots that have won! Africa won! They said 'up yours' to vaxx

I think the remarks above tells me that the public is not stupid. They understand what is at play here.


Don’t know about you, but Malone must be made to answer questions on this interview, the content, and his RelCovax role and shill for it; I want answers as am confused by all of this; this video shows me he is/was trying to sell this vaccine to developing nations, poor nations. What do you think? Am I missing something? As he was thrashing his own mRNA technology? It is near outrageous and ludicrous. Troubling.

I want to ask Kennedy his view on this video.